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Intercounty Finals - 2016




Well over thirteen hundred people attended the Finals at Vauxhall Holiday Park Great Yarmouth.
Play commenced at 9am on the Friday with the Senior Section.

In Group One Bedfordshire beat Staffordshire in a close match 8-6, Dorset had a similar result against Lincolnshire, holders GMC had a comfortable 8-4 win over Warwickshire A, and Humberside cruised to an 8-3 win against Berkshire, in Group Two Wiltshire beat Northumberland A 8-5, West Midlands beat Nottinghamshire 8-6, Essex had a big 8-2 win over Sussex, and West Yorkshire only dropped one frame against Somerset.

In the Quarter Finals Essex beat West Yorkshire 8-3, West Midlands pulled back from 7-4 down to snatch an 8-7 win, GMC again looked strong as they beat Humberside 8-3, as did Dorset with a similar score against Bedfordshire.

In the semi's Essex were 5-4 up after three sessions, but West Midlands won four of the next five to go through to the final 8-6. In the other semi last years champions GMC went 7-3 ahead before Keith Brewer twice, Keith Rigler, and David Howes won four in a row to pull level, but Paul Taylor won the final frame to put the champions through.

The final proved a titanic struggle, West Mids went 2-0 ahead through Pat Ward, and Paul Waterfield, but David Shand pulled one back for GMC. Paul Taylor, and Harry Roberts won the next two for the champions, but Ward then won the next two. Taylor, and Shand made it 5-4, Ward, and Shaun Eaton Lees won two of the next three, and Roberts won the third to level at 6-6. Taylor then put GMC 7-6 up before Eaton Lees, and Ward won the final two frames for a dramatic 8-7 win to West Midlands.

In the KO Cup Group One Staffs beat Lincs 8-5, Berkshire beat Warwickshire by the same score, Staffs then beat Humberside 8-5, and Berkshire won the final two frames to snatch an 8-7 win against Bedfordshire. In Group Two Northumberland had to win the last two frames to edge out Nottinghamshire 8-7, Sussex beat Somerset 8-5, Northumberland then beat West Yorkshire 8-4, and Wiltshire beat Sussex 8-5. In the semi's Northumberland trounced Staffordshire 8-2, and Berkshire beat Wiltshire 8-5. The Final saw Berkshire have a runaway win 8-3 over Northumberland.

Friday evening ,and it was the Mens B section. In Group One Staffordshire started with a 23-19 victory over Essex, Cornwall thrashed local county Norfolk 23-6, West Midlands v Northumberland turned out a very strange match with West Mids taking the first section 8-3 only to lose the second by the same score, they then won the third 6-5, and lost the final leg by the same score, so we had our first play-off. Chris Gill won the first for Northumberland, but Scott, and Ian Smith won the other two for West Mids for a 24-23 win. Last years champions Humberside had a very close 23-21 win over Cleveland. In Group Two Leicestershire beat Lancashire 23-18, and Northamptonshire beat Devon by the same score, Berkshire also had the same score as they beat Warwickshire, and West Yorkshire beat Surrey 23-19.

In the Quarter Finals Staffs beat Cornwall 23-16, Humberside beat West Midlands 23-8, Leicestershire beat Berkshire 23-15, and West Yorkshire beat Northamptonshire 23-20.

In the semi-finals Staffordshire swamped last years champions Humberside 23-6, whilst in the other semi Leicestershire had a much closer match with West Yorkshire winning 23-19.

The final had Staffs winning the first leg 6-5, but Leicester took the second by the same score, Staffs then surged ahead with a 7-4 win in the third, but then needed to win the final two frames to get a draw, so it went to a play-off, and Lee Ross won one for Staffs, but Alex Bailey, and Stuart Jones won the other two for Staffs to win the title for the ninth time.

In the KO Cup Norfolk beat fellow Region 4 members Essex 23-18, Northumberland beat their fellow Region members 23-14 then West Mids beat Norfolk 23-16, and Cornwall beat Northumberland 23-11.

In Group Two Warwickshire beat Lancashire 23-11, Surrey beat Devon 23-16, Northants beat Warwickshire 23-21, and Surrey beat Berkshire 23-16.

In the semi's Surrey beat Cornwall 23-14, and West Mids beat Northants 23-9.

The Final proved a very close affair with Surrey edging the first leg 6-5, and extending their lead in the second with a 7-4 win. They took the third leg with another 6-5 to go into the final leg 19-14 up. Sharing the next six frames Surrey were 22-17 ahead, but West Mids would not lie down and won the final five frames to force a 22 all tie. In the play-off Ian Smith won one for West Mids, but it was left to Max Brooker, and Neil Callingham to win the other two for Surrey to take the Title 24-23.

In the Junior Section Group One Sussex had a comfortable 23-10 victory over West Yorkshire, West Mids beat Suffolk 23-18, London beat Beds 23-13, and Staffs beat Derbyshire 23-17. Group Two saw Cambridgeshire edge out Northamptonshire 23-21, Bristol overcame Kent 23-20, Warwickshire just beat Cornwall 23-21, and Lancashire had an easy 23-9 win against Leicestershire.

In the Quarter Finals Sussex beat West Mids 23-19 London eased passed Staffs 23-10, Bristol beat Cambridgeshire 23-10, and Lancashire beat Warwickshire 23-12.

In the semi's Lancashire beat Bristol 23-18, and London beat Sussex 23-17.

The Final was very close with Lancs edging the first leg 6-5, only for London to reverse the score in the second leg. Lancs then regained a one point lead after the third leg, but London hit back down the final leg for a 7-4 win to take the final 23-21.

In the KO Cup West Yorkshire beat Suffolk 23-13, Derbyshire, and Bedfordshire fought out a draw. In the play-off Kieran Lennon won for Derbyshire, but Joel Riddaway, and Jake Baldwin won the other two for Beds. West Yorkshire then beat Staffs 23-21, and West Mids beat Beds 23-11. In Group Two Kent beat Northants 23-15, and Leicestershire beat Cornwall 23-19, Warwickshire beat Kent 23-17, Leicestershire beat Cambridgeshire 23-19.

In the semi-finals West Yorkshire, and Warwickshire fought out a 22 all draw. In the play-off Jack Scofield won for Warwickshire, but James Leather, and Harry Bruce won the match for West Yorkshire. In the other semi West Midlands had a comfortable win against Leicestershire 23-8.

The Final proved rather one sided as the West Midlands outshone West Yorkshire 23-11.

In the Ladies Section Group One Oxfordshire made a good start by beating Worcestershire 23-11, Staffs had a much closer game against the home County Norfolk, but won the final three frames to take the match 23-20, but neighbours Suffolk saw off Northants 23-14, and favourites Kent won 23- 15 against Somerset.

In Group Two Devon, and London finished all square, and went to a play-off. Samantha Wyatt won for London, but Sophie Nicholls, and Emma Downes won the other two for Devon.

In the Quarter Finals Staffs beat Oxfordshire 23-11, Kent beat Suffolk 23-16, Lancs overwhelmed Devon 23-8, and South Yorkshire beat Notts 23-15.

The semi's saw South Yorkshire through against Lancs 23-15, and Kent beat Staffs by the same score.

The Final saw South Yorks take the first leg 6-5, and although the second leg was very tense they repeated the score in the second, and made it three 6-5's in a row to go into the final leg 18-15 up, but Kent are a very experienced team, and fought for every frame, and won the leg 8-3 to snatch the title for the eighth time with a 23-21 victory.

In the KO Cup Norfolk had a comfortable 23-13 win against Worcestershire, Somerset beat Northants 23-9, but then Suffolk beat Norfolk 23-18, and Somerset beat Oxfordshire in a close match 23-21. In the other Group, London beat Northumberland 23-10, Cleveland beat West Yorkshire 23-20, Notts beat London 23-10, and Cleveland beat Devon 23-12.

In the semi-finals Cleveland booked their place in the final with a 23-18 victory over Somerset, and Notts beat Suffolk 23-12.

In the Final Cleveland stormed into a 7-4 first leg lead, but Notts hit back to take the second leg 9-2 to go 13-9 ahead. In the third leg Notts edged a 6-5 win and finished the match by winning four of the next five frames to win the match 23-15.

In the Men's A Section in Group One Essex had a comfortable win over Leicestershire 23-13, Northants made a good start against Devon going 7-4 up in the first leg, but Devon hit back to take the second leg 9-2, back came Northants with a narrow 6-5 win in the third leg to trail 15-18, and Devon won the next five frames to take the match 23-15, London, and Wiltshire fought out a close match, Wiltshire going 7-4 up, but London edged the second leg 6-5, then won the third 8-3 to lead into the final leg, and although they lost the final leg 6-5 won the match 23-21. Bristol won the first leg 6-5 against South Yorkshire, but lost the next two legs 7-4 to trail 14-19 into the final leg, and although the final leg was even they could not prevent South Yorkshire winning the match 23-19. In Group Two Staffordshire had an easy 23-13 win over Lancashire, Bedfordshire, and Cleveland fought out an close match with Cleveland taking the first leg 6-5, and the second 8-3, but Beds took the third 6-5, and made Cleveland fight to the end before taking the match 23-20. Last years champions Berkshire were given a fright by West Midlands before edging a 23-21 win, Buckinghamshire lost the first seven frames against West Yorkshire before winning the final four in the first leg, Bucks then took the second leg 6-5, and the third 7-4 for a narrow one point lead into the final leg before going on to win the match 23-19.

In the Quarter Finals Devon went in front against Essex, and never looked back as they won the match 23-17, London won the first leg 6-5, but South Yorkshire took the next two legs by the same score to lead by one, but London won seven of the next nine to win the match 23-19, in the other Group Staffs had an easy 23-14 win over Cleveland, and Berkshire were pushed all the way before winning the final frame for a 23-21 victory.

In the semi's Devon roared into a 9-2 first leg win, but London hit back to win the second 6-5, then Devon reversed that score in the third for a 20-13 lead, but they had to play seven more frames before they secured the win 23-17.

In the final Devon edged into a 6-5 lead, then won the second leg 7-4, and they were determined not to let last years champions into the match as they won the third leg 8-3 to lead 21-12, but still had to play six frames before securing a 23-15 win.

In the KO Cup Leicestershire and Northants went to a play-off where Leicester won 2-0 to win 24-22, Bristol beat Wiltshire 23-17, then Leicestershire beat South Yorkshire 23-18, and Bristol beat Essex 23-17. In the other Group, Beds beat Lancs 23-19, and West Midlands beat West Yorkshire 23-13, Buckinghamshire then had an easy 23-15 win against Beds. West Midlands and Cleveland finished in a draw before Cleveland took the match 24-22.

In the semi-finals Bristol had a runaway win over Cleveland 23-11, but the other semi Leicestershire had a narrow 23-21 win over Bucks.

In the final Leicestershire proved too strong for Bristol as they ran out 23-16 winners.


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