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This section provides links to recorded videos from some of the recently streamed EPA events as available. Please note that there are a limited number of tables which have a video stream so it is not possible to stream every match, even in the latter stages of an event. For example, in a team event which is played on three tables, it may only be possible to stream one of the quarter finals and one of the semi finals. Anyway, here is a selection of links to some of the recorded events for your enjoyment. If you notice that any of the links are no longer working, please contact the webmaster.


Occasionally things become a bit hectic at the streaming control desk with perhaps only one person monitoring up to four tables and video streams simultaneously so sometimes there is a delay in getting the scores up to date or identifying which colour a player is on. Despite this, we believe it is important to make as many of our recordings available to you as possible but please bear with us if occasionally the scores/colours do not keep up with the matches.

EPA Streaming Home Pages


2019 Interleague Finals Playlist (21 Videos) 2019 Interleague Finals - Last 64 - S.L.K.P.A. 2 v Accrington Pals
2019 Interleague Finals - Last 64 - S.L.K.P.A. v Rainham 'A'
2019 Interleague Finals - Group Stage - Leek 'A' v Nuneaton Nomads
2019 Interleague Finals - Group Stage - Guildford v Clacton 'A'
2019 Interleague Finals - Group Stage - Medway Outsiders v Sandwell Sundays
2019 Interleague Finals - Group Stage - Sun Valley v Waterloo
2019 Interleague Finals - Group Stage - Waterloo 2 v Hinckley & District
2019 Interleague Finals - Group Stage - Ipswich Boom Boyz v East Leeds
2019 Interleague Finals - Group Stage - Adspl Sovereign v Central Cars
2019 Interleague Finals - Group Stage - Hinckley & District v Stoke Lp
2019 Interleague Finals - Group Stage - Nottingham 'A' v Saint Albans
2019 Interleague Finals - Mickey Flynns v Wolverhampton Wednesdays (final)
2019 Interleague Finals - Wolverhampton Wednesdays v Club 147 A Leicester (sf)
2019 Interleague Finals - Taunton Somerset Inn v Central Cornwall Elite (qf)
2019 Interleague Finals - Bar 8 v Frames Reigate (last 16)
2019 Interleague Finals - Waterloo v Brighton A (last 32)
2019 Interleague Finals - Central Cornwall Elite v NE Norfolk B
2019 Interleague Finals - Clacton B v SLKPA 3
2019 Interleague Finals - Brighton X v Gosport B
2019 Interleague Finals - Hitchin v Battersea B
2019 Interleague Finals - Waterloo 2 v Bedford A






Interleague Finals 2018 Final Colchester v Mickey Flynns 29.04.2018
Semi Mickey Flynns v Normans Elite
Qtr Peterborough A v Lennons
Last 16 Waterloo v Brighton A
Last 32 Reigate A v Guildford
Last 64 TT Players v Sportsman Allstars 28.04.2018
Last 64 Leek A v Finedon Fockers
Earlier Rounds Blackwater Sidewalks v Bicester B
The Club v Medway Outsiders
Norwich Aces v Central Cornwall Elite
Medway Outsiders v Bar 8
Mermaid A v Stoke Plaza
Kendal B v Whitecliffs Dover
Gosport v Atherton
NE Norfolk v Central Cars
Flitwick Foxes v Barratts
Rochester v Sun Valley
Interleague Final Mickey Flynns v Andover 02.04.2017
Quarter Andover v NCPLE 'A' Mecca
Last 16 Brighton 'A' v Dinnington
Last 32 Wigan 'A' v Triangle Elite
Last 64 Rochester v Notts & District 'A' 01.04.2017
Group 13 rd 1 Solway West 'B' v Battersea 'A'
Group 13 rd 1 St. Neots v Sandwell Sundays
Group 14 rd 1 Gravesham 'C' v Cannock Chase
Group 14 rd 1 Nuneaton Town v Colchester
Group 28 rd 1 New Barnet Bullets v Waterloo
Group 28 rd 1 Chesterfield Charity v Wigan 'A'
Group 15 rd 2 Blackburn Cabin Crew v Rochester
Group 23 rd 2 New Milton 'A' v Haverhill
Group 32 rd 2 Harlow v SLKPA 2
Group 7 rd 3 Frank Smith Terrace v Clacton
Group 17 rd 3 Shrewsbury PL v Kendal 'B'
Group 18 rd 3 Andover v NCPLE Coopers 'C'
Group 19 rd 3 Hayes & Uxbridge 'B' v Peterborough 'B'
Group 24 rd 3 Stowmarket v Central Cornwall Elite
Group 29 rd 3 Kendal 'A' v Gravesham 'A'


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