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Golden Cue - 2011

Golden Cue
The Piper Northants15St Albans Cue Club
Rileys Smileys51The Prince of Wales
The Buck Hotel A50The Q Room Derbyshire
Lady Haig B05The Three Crowns
Woadmans Arms52The White Horse Inn
Beacon Social Club05Mickys A Flynns Cambs
Macmillans Two05The Three Crowns A
Moorends Comrades50Three Horseshoes
Rileys Derby52The Royal Club
JJs Pool Hall51The Daley Club
Bennys Boys05The Spectrum Dorset
Egerton Arms Ollies35The Kings Arms Crich
Cambridgeshire Hunter50Conservative Clb Truro
The Albion Cheshire50The William Twigg
The Pineapple50Bell Ends Devon
The Saxon53DDs Pool Hall Gloucs
East Leeds Snker Club05Riverside Snooker ABC
Dunstable FC BSSMerley Social Club A
The Townhouse A15The Romany
The Grapes Inn35PSC Raven Hampshire
Soverign Snker & Pool45Road to Morocco
Hendrys Preston54Royal British Legion
Elmore FC Devon52Herald Sporting Club B
The Limetree A51Carterton Bowls Club
The Romany Z15The Crown Inn
Blues Bar Middlesex05Attleborough S C A
Pig & Whistle53Noels Arms
Legends Ringwood Dorset15Merlins Norfolk
Rileys Devils Norfolk45Linford Ex Servicemans
Rat Pack Pool Club53Red House Rambos
Abergavenny Labour Clb05Chatham P & S Club B
Bulls Head A52Down Under Bar
Golden Horse25Diss Cue Club A
Irish Z Berkshire50Ambassador Snker Club
Comrades ClubSSTop Club
The George & Dragon51The Volunteer B
Q Tips Snooker Club53The Soton Arms C
The Bowling Green05Crown House Club
Riverside Snooker Club51The Villagers London
Les Dodd Snooker Ctr50The Station Hotel
Dishers Crewe35Leicester Arms B
Brickmakers Arms Derby35The Southampton Arms
The Colliers Arms GMC50Barnet Pool Club B
Spondon Snooker Club05The Venue B Essex
Flimby SSC Cumbria51Dunstable Elite
Thurcroft Snooker Club52Q Room C Derbyshire
Cambridge Snooker Ctr52Slough Irish Club A
Hendrys Snooker Club50The Lime Tree A
Oddfellows Hall05The Three Crowns B
The Ship Inn Hampshire54Charlys Dorset
The Seahorse15The Lime Tree
O Donoghues London51The Willow Inn
Leicester Arms A53Polish Club Bucks
The Lord Napier25Somercotes Snker Club
Farmers Arms Wales53Tally Ho Z Kent
Spot On Reds Kettering52Hammersmith Club
Maidstone Snker Club A15147 Snooker Club Kent
Corby Snooker & Pool53Thetford SS Club
147 Snker Club Swindon35Rileys Rugby Warwicks
The Sportsman54Woodbine Club Wales
Sittingbourne Snker Z54Avon Mill B
Qube Kent45Fisherton WMC
Royal Sports Bar & Cue54The Parade
Southern Vectis Club45The Anchor Devon
Round 1
Pot Black Snooker Club51The Prince of Wales B
Unwin Social Club A15The Royal Standard
Thornaby Snooker Ctr54Rileys Barnsley South
Morley International53Rileys 707
The Jolly Brewers35Hinckley Snker Club A
The Pool Lounge Kent53Kirkstead Holiday Park
The Buck Hotel B05Rileys Oxford
The New Inn Kent45Cherry Tree Belchamp
Townhouse Royale Cambs15Rushden Athletic Club
Millbrow Social Club05Shoot Pool Bucks
Q Room B53Lady Haig A
Attleborough ASC53Maidstone Snker Club E
Dunstable Snooker Ctr53Spots & Stripes London
Kirkstead Hol. Park A15Mr Pools Essex
Eckington Snooker Club54The Whittle Way
Maidstone Snooker D25Rileys Scunthorpe
The Kings Arms Essex45The Phoenix Nottingham
Epsom 335The Rose Tavern A
Saxon Hotel53Merley Social Club B
Phoenix Cue Sports A15Artisans Surrey
Regency Club35The Drum & Monkey V
Manor House Hotel A25Rileys LA Norwich
Newdigate Sports & Soc15The Drumsticks Suffolk
Stow Snooker Club51Hinckley Snooker Club
Phoenix Cue Sports B52The Drum & Monkey B
Market Inn Turtles50Mac's Sports Bar Essex
JFK's Elite London51Ashfordby Amateurs
The Maypole Essex45Compton RBL Surrey
Rose Tavern Suffolk25Littlehampton T&L Club
William IV B Norfolk54Avon Mill
Rileys Cannock A50Rileys Brighton
Bulls Head Cowboys52Smugglers Inn A
The Drum & Monkey Pks45Midland Pool & Snooker
Joker Zeds Essex45Thorsbey Welfare Notts
The Premier A05Ox & Plough Ms
Macmillans One35The Oak Leicestershire
The Pewter Pot53Hillingdon Brit Legion
The Venue A54Spot on Hucknall Notts
The Lanterns X Kent25Rileys Rugby A
Spot On B Sheffield35William IV A Norfolk
Cambridge WMC50All Stars Sports Bar B
Soldiers & Sailors Clb51Legends A Essex
The Marne Inn25Jordans P&S Club
Rileys AltyArmy51The Kings Head A
Churchills Kent45All Stars Sports Bar
Bournemouth East Con51Melton Snooker Club
Rileys Croydon Surrey05Golden Cue A
Rileys Rocks Norfolk25The Labour Club Sussex
The Bulls Head A25Fife Street WMC
The Volunteer25The Leamington London
The Elizabethan A53Newdigate V Club
Fools n Horses25Avon Mill A
Drum & Monkey 805Spot On B Sneinton
The Cross Keys Kent25Harrys Bar
The Golden Guinea52Drum & Monkey Z
Spot On Nottingham05The Royal Standard
Rileys Lewisham50Rileys Rugby B
The Drum & Monkey Suff15Brierley Hill Snooker
Legends Essex05Golden Cue Snker Club
Rileys Loughborough51Avon Mill C Warwicks
The Drum & Monkey C35Hazelwood House Club
The Locomotive53Rileys Twickenham
The Prince of Wales A5403 Club Sussex
Sittingbourne Snooker35Stow Snooker Club C
Hazelwood House25Mile Oak Inn Sussex
Rileys Sheffield15West End Club Leics
Drum & Monkey United05Shepwell Green
Alty Allstars51Methwold Social Club
Brumby Hall Lincs45Drum & Monkey C C
Levers Arms Lancashire35Battersea Labour Club
Rileys G Harlow53The Telegraph
The Grapes A53Lacon Arms Norfolk
Prince of Wales Leek05Rileys Brighton A
Rileys Peteborough25Wykin Club
Rileys Atherton GMC25The Volunteer A
Rileys Cannock25Littlehampton T&L A
Emley Moor W.M.C. West45The Q Rooms Derbyshire
Rileys Cannock B15Rileys X Brighton
Gore Court Arms Kent53Rileys A Colchester
Southampton Arms BB25The Jacks London
Penny Pinchers25Maltravers Social Club
Rileys A Norfolk45Bourne Snooker Club
Lucky Break Suffolk50Prince of Wales
Captain Morgans London54Club 147 High Flyers
Midland Snooker50Millsborough House
ASC Falcons Norfolk05Great Harry Kent
The Sportsman Lincs52Elsenham S & S Club
The Joker A Essex50Eden Comlpex
Club 147 X Leicester50Gore Court Arms A
Blue Gates Hotel35Rileys Worcester
Maidstone Snooker C05Q Ball Essex
Longton Snooker Club51The Rose Tavern B
B & H Snooker & Pool50The Cue and Brew A
The Tulip Essex15Rileys Worcester A
Gilberts Bar05Market A Kent
The Wheatsheaf53Smugglers Inn Kent
St Albans Cue Club15The Anchor Devon
Rileys Smileys25Royal Sports Bar & Cue
The Buck Hotel A51Fisherton WMC
The Three Crowns52Sittingbourne Snker Z
Woadmans Arms51The Sportsman
Mickys A Flynns Cambs51Rileys Rugby Warwicks
The Three Crowns A45Corby Snooker & Pool
Moorends Comrades54147 Snooker Club Kent
Rileys Derby35Spot On Reds Kettering
JJs Pool Hall52Farmers Arms Wales
The Spectrum Dorset15Somercotes Snker Club
The Kings Arms Crich35Leicester Arms A
Cambridgeshire Hunter25O Donoghues London
The Albion Cheshire35The Lime Tree
The Pineapple53The Ship Inn Hampshire
The Saxon52The Three Crowns B
Riverside Snooker ABC05Hendrys Snooker Club
Bye05Cambridge Snooker Ctr
The Romany53Thurcroft Snooker Club
PSC Raven Hampshire15Flimby SSC Cumbria
Road to Morocco05The Venue B Essex
Hendrys Preston52The Colliers Arms GMC
Elmore FC Devon52The Southampton Arms
The Limetree A53Leicester Arms B
The Crown Inn05Les Dodd Snooker Ctr
Attleborough S C A15Riverside Snooker Club
Pig & Whistle15Crown House Club
Merlins Norfolk25Q Tips Snooker Club
Linford Ex Servicemans52The George & Dragon
Rat Pack Pool Club50Bye
Chatham P & S Club B45Irish Z Berkshire
Bulls Head A51Diss Cue Club A
Round 2
Pot Black Snooker Club25Midland Pool & Snooker
The Royal Standard15Thorsbey Welfare Notts
Thornaby Snooker Ctr45Ox & Plough Ms
Morley International25The Oak Leicestershire
Hinckley Snker Club A53The Pewter Pot
The Pool Lounge Kent15The Venue A
Rileys Oxford45Rileys Rugby A
Cherry Tree Belchamp45William IV A Norfolk
Rushden Athletic Club35Cambridge WMC
Shoot Pool Bucks51Soldiers & Sailors Clb
Q Room B50Jordans P&S Club
Attleborough ASC54Rileys AltyArmy
Dunstable Snooker Ctr53All Stars Sports Bar
Mr Pools Essex53Bournemouth East Con
Eckington Snooker Club52Golden Cue A
Rileys Scunthorpe52The Labour Club Sussex
The Phoenix Nottingham25Fife Street WMC
The Rose Tavern A52The Leamington London
Saxon Hotel52The Elizabethan A
Artisans Surrey53Avon Mill A
The Drum & Monkey V53Spot On B Sneinton
Rileys LA Norwich15Harrys Bar
The Drumsticks Suffolk52The Golden Guinea
Stow Snooker Club51The Royal Standard
Phoenix Cue Sports B51Rileys Lewisham
Market Inn Turtles25Brierley Hill Snooker
JFK's Elite London35Golden Cue Snker Club
Compton RBL Surrey45Rileys Loughborough
Littlehampton T&L Club51Hazelwood House Club
William IV B Norfolk53The Locomotive
Rileys Cannock A52The Prince of Wales A
Bulls Head Cowboys53Stow Snooker Club C
Mile Oak Inn Sussex45The Anchor Devon
West End Club Leics52Royal Sports Bar & Cue
Shepwell Green52The Buck Hotel A
Alty Allstars05The Three Crowns
Drum & Monkey C C05Woadmans Arms
Battersea Labour Club45Mickys A Flynns Cambs
Rileys G Harlow35Corby Snooker & Pool
The Grapes A35Moorends Comrades
Rileys Brighton A25Spot On Reds Kettering
Wykin Club25JJs Pool Hall
The Volunteer A25Somercotes Snker Club
Littlehampton T&L A52Leicester Arms A
The Q Rooms Derbyshire35O Donoghues London
Rileys X Brighton25The Lime Tree
Gore Court Arms Kent05The Pineapple
The Jacks London54The Saxon
Maltravers Social Club15Hendrys Snooker Club
Bourne Snooker Club53Cambridge Snooker Ctr
Lucky Break Suffolk45The Romany
Captain Morgans London15Flimby SSC Cumbria
Midland Snooker51The Venue B Essex
Great Harry Kent05Hendrys Preston
The Sportsman Lincs35Elmore FC Devon
The Joker A Essex25The Limetree A
Club 147 X Leicester15Les Dodd Snooker Ctr
Rileys Worcester51Riverside Snooker Club
Q Ball Essex35Crown House Club
Longton Snooker Club53Q Tips Snooker Club
B & H Snooker & Pool15Linford Ex Servicemans
Rileys Worcester A45Rat Pack Pool Club
Market A Kent25Irish Z Berkshire
The Wheatsheaf54Bulls Head A
Round 3
Midland Pool & Snooker45Thorsbey Welfare Notts
Ox & Plough Ms52The Oak Leicestershire
Hinckley Snker Club A25The Venue A
Rileys Rugby A15William IV A Norfolk
Cambridge WMC35Shoot Pool Bucks
Q Room B53Attleborough ASC
Dunstable Snooker Ctr54Mr Pools Essex
Eckington Snooker Club45Rileys Scunthorpe
Fife Street WMC50The Rose Tavern A
Saxon Hotel15Artisans Surrey
The Drum & Monkey V25Harrys Bar
The Drumsticks Suffolk53Stow Snooker Club
Phoenix Cue Sports B53Brierley Hill Snooker
Golden Cue Snker Club51Rileys Loughborough
Littlehampton T&L Club52William IV B Norfolk
Rileys Cannock A52Bulls Head Cowboys
The Anchor Devon53West End Club Leics
Shepwell Green35The Three Crowns
Woadmans Arms35Mickys A Flynns Cambs
Corby Snooker & Pool50Moorends Comrades
Spot On Reds Kettering45JJs Pool Hall
Somercotes Snker Club35Littlehampton T&L A
O Donoghues London35The Lime Tree
The Pineapple35The Jacks London
Hendrys Snooker Club15Bourne Snooker Club
The Romany15Flimby SSC Cumbria
Midland Snooker25Hendrys Preston
Elmore FC Devon54The Limetree A
Les Dodd Snooker Ctr25Rileys Worcester
Crown House Club54Longton Snooker Club
Linford Ex Servicemans45Rat Pack Pool Club
Irish Z Berkshire51The Wheatsheaf
Last 32
Thorsbey Welfare Notts52Ox & Plough Ms
The Venue A25William IV A Norfolk
Shoot Pool Bucks53Q Room B
Dunstable Snooker Ctr45Rileys Scunthorpe
Fife Street WMC05Artisans Surrey
Harrys Bar51The Drumsticks Suffolk
Phoenix Cue Sports B51Golden Cue Snker Club
Littlehampton T&L Club25Rileys Cannock A
The Anchor Devon45The Three Crowns
Mickys A Flynns Cambs35Corby Snooker & Pool
JJs Pool Hall53Littlehampton T&L A
The Lime Tree53The Jacks London
Bourne Snooker Club35Flimby SSC Cumbria
Hendrys Preston45Elmore FC Devon
Rileys Worcester25Crown House Club
Rat Pack Pool Club51Irish Z Berkshire
Last 16
Thorsbey Welfare Notts35William IV A Norfolk
Shoot Pool Bucks25Rileys Scunthorpe
Artisans Surrey54Harrys Bar
Phoenix Cue Sports B51Rileys Cannock A
The Three Crowns25Corby Snooker & Pool
JJs Pool Hall53The Lime Tree
Flimby SSC Cumbria53Elmore FC Devon
Crown House Club45Rat Pack Pool Club
Quarter Final
William IV A Norfolk45Rileys Scunthorpe
Artisans Surrey52Phoenix Cue Sports B
Corby Snooker & Pool52JJs Pool Hall
Flimby SSC Cumbria05Rat Pack Pool Club
Semi Final
Rileys Scunthorpe25Artisans Surrey
Corby Snooker & Pool50Rat Pack Pool Club
Artisans Surrey25Corby Snooker & Pool
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Image 1
Winners - Corby Snooker and Pool
Image 2
Runners Up - Artisans Surrey
Image 3
Semi Finalist - Rileys Scunthorpe
Image 4
Singles Winner - John Strange
Image 5
Singles Runner Up - Paul Keeble
Image 6
Singles Semi Finalist - Wayne Gardener



Over twelve hundred people were at Vauxhall Holiday Park for another weekend of fantastic 8 Ball Pool, on Friday 6th May we had the World Masters qualifiers where sixteen players went through to the Finals at Blackpool on 2nd and 3rd of July.

The England Team trials for the Over 50s and Under 21s were also held the same day.

In the Over 50s Tony Kay, Bob Love, Graham Thompson and Bill Rigby were retained from last year and the squad was increased to twelve with eight more qualifying this year. Eight qualified for the Under 21s to join the nine retained players.

On Saturday, the Golden Cue Three Man Team event commenced at 8-00am with the first preliminary round. The Q Room from Derby, The Piper (Northants) were two fancied teams to go out. In the 9-30am session Riley’s Devils from Norwich suffered a narrow 5-4 defeat and Dishers from Crewe with Phil Malam, Mike Beeston, and Scott Crawley lost 5-3 to Leicester Arms B from Bedford, Steve Elliott, Darren Reynolds, and Mike Larkins from Southern Vectis Club (Isle of Wight) went down 5-4 to The Anchor (Devon), as did the Woodbine Club (Wales) to The Sportsman.
In round one a strong team from JFKs Elite (London) with Jack Pople, Dean Wisher, and Jon Runghen, had a comfortable 5-1 win over Ashfordby Amateurs. Eckington Snooker Club had a narrow 5-4 win over The Whittle Way. Saxon Hotel found themselves 3-0 down but fought back to win the next five frames against Merley Social Club B. William IV B edged out Avon Mill 5-4. The Phoenix (Nottingham) also had a 5-4 win against The Kings Arms from Essex. The Maypole also from Essex suffered the same fate against Compton RBL from Surrey. Thornaby Snooker Centre with Daz and Ann-Louise Arkle and James Charville beat Riley’s (Barnsley South) 5-4 which had Nick Woollerton, Alistair Bailey, and John Waller. The same score saw the Cherry Tree (Belchamp) beat The New Inn (Kent). A strong Drum & Monkey (Ipswich) with Richard Twomey, Alan Mower, and Paul Keeble fell 5-4 to Midland Pool & Snooker and Drum & Monkey United lost 5-0 to past winners Shepwell Green. Another team to lose 5-0 were the Legends (Essex) against Golden Cue Snooker Club (West Midlands). The Pewter Pot (Sheffield) with Terry Hunt, Mark Berriman, and Lee Denman progressed with a 5-3 win. Another strong team from Riley’s (Worcester) with Scott Surridge, Andy McDonald and Fred Tandy won 5-1 against The Tulip (Essex). Jason Bates, Chris Back, and Shane Balding from Bourne Snooker Club won 5-4 against Riley’s A (Norwich). A regular attendant Gore Court Arms (Kent) beat Riley’s A (Colchester) 5-3. Another past winner The Sportsman (Lincs) beat Elsenham S & S Club 5-2.

In Round two, Shoot Pool (Bucks) with Keith Jones, Neil Goodyer, and Martin Langley beat the Soldiers & Sailors Club 5-1. Thorsbey Welfare (Notts) beat The Royal Standard 5-1. Q Room B (Derby) with Craig Lakin, Adam Foyster and Dave Fernandez had a surprising 5-0 win against Ian Kettel, Dean Cole and Martin Prime from Jordans S & P Club (Kent). Past winners Moorends Comrades had a narrow 5-4 win over 147 Snooker Club when captain John Astill won the deciding frame. The Romany beat Thurcroft Snooker Club 5-3. Glen Hannibal, James Griffin, and Tony Morgan from Riverside Snooker Club beat Attleborough Snooker Club 5-1. Hendrys (Preston) with Craig Day, Sam Lancaster, and Lee Anderson beat The Colliers Arms (GMC) 5-2. Mark Singleton, Glen McKay, and Andrew Herriott from Saxon Hotel beat The Elizabethan A 5-2. Lee Pickard, Liam Stanley and Ashley Radford Phoenix Cue Sports B beat Riley’s (Lewisham) 5-1. William and Dominic Ashman with Dean Brook-Marsh from Littlehampton Trades & Labour Club beat Hazelwood House Club 5-1.

In round three where teams are now in the money, The Jacks (London) beat The Pineapple 5-3. Saxon Hotel crashed out to the Artisans (Surrey) 5-1. The Venue A (Essex) beat Hinckley Snooker Club A 5-2. Fife Street WMC had a 5-0 win over The Rose Tavern A. Harry’s Bar beat the Drum & Monkey V 5-2. Ox & Plough Ms beat The Oak 5-2. Flimby SSC (Cumbria) beat The Romany 5-1. Riley’s (Scunthorpe) edged out Eckington S.C. 5-4. Corby Snooker & Pool thrashed Moorends Comrades 5-0. Riley’s (Cannock) beat Bulls Head Cowboys 5-2. Woadmans Arms (Wisbech) fell to Micky’s Flynns (Cambridge) 5-3. Irish Z (Berkshire) beat The Wheatsheaf 5-1. Dunstable Snooker Centre beat Mr Pools (Colchester) by the odd frame 5-4. JJ’s Pool Hall also went through 5-4 against Spot on Reds (Kettering), another 5-4 winner was Crown House against Longton Snooker Club and the Rat Pack Pool Club (Herts) beat Linford Ex Servicemens 5-4.

In the last thirty two Artisans beat Fife St WMC 5-0. Bourne S.C. fell to Flimby SSC 5-3. Littlehampton lost to Riley’s Cannock 5-2, Q Room B lost 5-3 to Shoot Pool. Dunstable S.C. were edged out 5-4 by Riley’s Scunthorpe. Phoenix B beat Golden Cue 5-1. William IV A beat The Venue A 5-2. The Anchor Devon went down 5-4 to The Three Crowns and Hendry’s Preston lost 5-4 to Elmore F.C. (Devon). Nicky Parnell, Darren Hope, and Matt Goodale from The Lime Tree (last years champions) moved into the last sixteen with a 5-3 win over The Jacks.

In the last sixteen, Shoot Pool fell to Riley’s Scunthorpe 5-2. Harry’s Bar were 4-3 up, but lost the last two frames against Artisans. Phoenix B beat Riley’s Cannock 5-1. The Rat Pack won 5-4 against Crown House and JJ’s beat the reigning champions 5-3.

In the Quarters Riley’s beat William IV 5-4, Corby beat JJ’s 5-2, Artisans beat Phoenix B 5-2 and Rat Pack beat Flimby.

The semi's saw Artisans beat Riley’s 5-2 and Corby thrashed Rat Pack 5-0.

In the Final, Kev McCallum put Corby 1-0 up, but Tom Kennedy levelled, Tony Stewart then restored Corby’s lead, but Michael Hope, and Kennedy won the next two for Artisans but this proved their last success as McCallum twice and Stewart won the next three and the match for Corby 5-3.

In the Golden Cue singles John Strange from Derby beat Paul Keeble from Felixstowe, in the semi’s Strange beat Steve Paramore Collumpton, and Keeble beat Wayne Gardner Northampton.


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