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Golden Cue - 2012

Golden Cue
Sat 12th May 8am
Bulls Head Ravs W York15Rileys S S & S London
Rileys Cannock Staffs45Rileys Mox Sussex
8 Ball Club Essex45Phoenix Cue Club A
Diss Cue Club B35The Buck Hotel E Yorks
Lyndale GMC52Pot Black Snooker Suff
Crown Inn Derbys45Volunteer D Nhants
Bulls Head Libertines51Royal Gloucester Glouc
Three Crowns Bristol45The Shearer Arms Hants
Rocket Robbies Nhants05Gimme A Break Kent
The Seahorse25PSL Silver Cambs
Limetree A Cambs50Manor House Hotel C
Steelmelters S Yorks54Royal Sports Bar B
Fabulous Franks Sufflk53MSC Galacticos Kent
Golden Cue P & S W Mid35Woadmans Arms Cambs
Bournemouth Con Club D45Brierley Hill Sports
Coopers Nhants53Maidstone Snooker A
Black Bull Cambs15Worthing XXXX Sussex
Pineapple A Lancs05Prince of Wales A Stfs
Mr Pools D Essex50The William Twigg
Linford Leics15Saxon Hotel S Yorks
Hammersmith Club52Royal Standard B
The Crown House Club15Anchor Inn Staffs
JJs Pool Hall A53Reds Snooker Club
Cousins Kent15Rileys Cueball Derbys
Pheonix Cue Sports A53M.A.D.S S Yorks
The Volunteer B05Bulls Head Bradford
Portland Cumbria15Kirkstead Mishits Linc
The Willow Hants50Rileys Nottingham
Memories Bar S Yorks50Golden Horse Nhants
Rileys Rugby Warks05Lord Nelson S Yorks
Irish Z Berks54Kings Arms A Drbyshire
Lever Arms Lancs05Blue Gates Hotel W Mid
Sat 12th May 9:30am
Slaithwaite C & B W Y45Cue & Brew A Worcs
Q Club Wisbech Cambs25William IV A Norfolk
Rose Tavern C15Corby Potters Nhants
The N S C Bristol52Sittingbourne Snker Z
Surbiton Town Sports52Q Room B Derbyshire
Prince of Wales C Stfs52The Durham Ox Durham
Bulls Head W Yorks45Compasses A Beds
Kings Arms Essex45Spots & Stripes A
Kings Arms B Drbyshire25Rileys A Scunthorpe
The Bell A Leics54Elwes Arms Notts
Spots & Stripes C25Rileys Rocks Norfolk
Royal Sports Wiltshire35Plaza S & P Club Devon
Drum & Monkey A51Loughton Pavilion
Normans Lancs51Hazelwood House Staffs
Riverside Snooker D52The Numptys Norfolk
The Deal Cutter Kent50Ambassador Snooker
Bungys Muppets Kent25Mr Bumbles Surrey
The Jubilee Derbyshire25Les Dodd Snooker Mersy
F.W.M. Club B Wilts45Cambridge Snooker Camb
Daleys Club Beds15Wellington Arms Staffs
Deanos Dishers Norfolk53Drum & Monkey V
Rileys X Nhants25Rileys Rugby Warks
Pellon Social Club W Y35Slough Irish Club Berk
Black Horse Lancs51Ivy Leaf Club Herts
Labour Club Sussex45Hinckley Snooker Club
Scunthorpe Conservativ54Windsor Wanderers Zs
Hammersmith Sands51Lord Nelson S Yorks
Unwin Social Club A15Jordans A Kent
Blues Bar Middlesex05Spot On Nottingham
R C Slappers Sussex53Stow G Essex
Merley Social Club51Midland Pool Hall Wmid
Club Replay Cheshire51Surrey Arms Derbyshire
Round 1
Sat 12th May 11am
The Venue A Essex52The Bull Suffolk
The Romany Nhants53Carterton Bowls Club
Snookes B Dorset35Sovereign Banbits Hant
Carpenters Arms London15The Good Men Sussex
Royal Oak Notts05Spot On Sheffield
Club 147 X Leics52Prince of Wales London
Rose Tavern A Suffolk15William IV B Norfolk
Legends Z Essex25Cue & Brew C Worcs
Limetree B Cambs54JJs Pool Hall B
Pineapple Inn Lancs50Tyldesley Con Club GMC
Wisbech Venue Cambs51Rose Tavern Tarts
Charlys Bar Dorset35Cousins S & P Lounge
Rileys Stevenage Herts54Beeston Snooker Hall
Rileys Barnsley15Bridge Hotel Lincs
The Wheatsheaf W Mids52The White Hart S Yorks
George & Dragon Cambs15West End Elite Leics
Diss Cue Club A25Drum & Monkey B Sufflk
Belle Vue Hotel WYorks15Cabin End Lancs
Heathgates Shrops50Dunstable S Centre B
R B L Farnborough05Keyta Sweepers Oxon
Racks London05Willow Inn Leics
Bourne Snooker Club15Rileys Hull E Yorks
The Ship Inn Cumbria05Shades Herts
X Factors Leics15Alma Kent
The Sportsman Lincs53Avon Mill Warks
Southampton Arms Elite15Midland X W Mids
Wrockwarding Wood FC15Limetree C Cambs
Rushden Athletic Club51Rileys Gillingham
Phoenix Elite Notts52Hatfield Arms S Yorks
The Albion GMC45Tilt Z W Yorks
Rileys Sheffield B15The Regency Club Lincs
The Nuthouse Sussex52Noels Arms Leics
Sat 12th May 12:30pm
Kings Rejects Cheshire51Prince of Wales B Stfs
Riverside Bulls Cambs15The Eagle Hockham
Corby S & P Club50The Parade Warks
Three Crowns A Bristol52Irish Club X Berks
Surbiton Town Surrey52Brickmakers Arms Derby
Breakers Snooker Club50Rileys Rotherham
Regency Club Lincs52Melton Snooker B Leics
Rose Tavern B Suffolk51Rileys Bolton Lancs
New Inn W Yorks45Rileys Atherton GMC
White Horse Shrops35Rileys Cannock A
Brierley Hill Snooker54The Calfy Potters
Snooker Exiles Norfolk52Topps Leics
Rileys LA Norfolk50Grantham S & P Club
Melton Snooker Club15The IT Group Sussex
Glossop Alkies54Thurcroft Miners B S Y
Spot On Hucknall51Diss Cue Club C
Drum & Monkey D15Pig & Whistle Herts
Cambridge WMC Cambs51Rose Tavern D
Volunteer A Northants51The Go Getters Lancs
The Volunteer ZZZ51Melton Mowbray SC
Ipswich Legends25Rileys Z Sussex
Newdigate Club A54Golden Guinea Notts
Royal Sports Bar A45Blues Bar Middlesex
Rileys Sheffield A05Dragon Boyz Derbyshire
Crawley Rugby Cl LoL05Snooker Robins Norfolk
Avon Mill Warks25Rileys Elite Ipswich
147 AAA Leics50Spring Cottage W Mids
Riverside Snooker A52Cue & Brew Worcs
Down Under Bar Nhants15Milton Road Club Wilts
Manor House Hotel B45Stella Rileys Nhants
Snookes A Dorset53Manor House Hotel A
Corby Pool Q Nhants52West End Snooker Club
Sat 12th May 2pm
Rileys Barnsley25The Bleep Sussex
Jordans Turtles Kent53The Jacks London
FWM Club A Wiltshire15Romany Q Nhants
The Sportsman Cambs25Mr Pools C Essex
Thetford Sports Club51Altys Army Cheshire
Unbelievable Jeff45Emley Moor WMC
Players Bashers Staffs50Compasses B Beds
Riverside Snooker C35Rileys Allsorts Norflk
The Townhouse Cambs05Spot on Reds Nhants
147 Swindon Wilts53Spectrum A Dorset
Hazelwood House25Mr Pool's B Essex
The Bush Surrey35Somercotes Derbyshire
Village Inn Leics15Hillingdon B L London
Eastleigh Railway Inst45The Bell Leics
Royal Oak Skegness54Thoresby Miners Welfar
Rileys Brighton Sussex25Rileys A Mansfield
Hinckley Snooker A35Town House Royale Camb
Rileys Cannock Staffs51Road to Morocco Nhants
Clacton Snooker Club E54The Crown Inn Leics
Drum & Monkey C25The Moosetwits Norfolk
The Fox and Lion Lancs53Basford Hall M W Notts
Bulls Head B W Yorks25Phoenix Cue Club Notts
The Crown Inn Leics50The Harry Hatters Kent
Spots & Stripes B54Milford Club Surrey
Sittingbourne Snker V50Atherstone Con Club
Royal Standard A35Rileys Wigan Lancs
Cogenhoe S & S Nhants05O'Donoghues London
Rileys 707 Beds54The Wittle Way Cambs
Chez's Babes London54The Qube Aks Kent
Rileys Northampton05Rat Pack Herts
The Market Inn D Kent53Barking Pool Club
The Slackers Lancs54White Horse IOW
Sat 12th May 3:30pm
Rileys S S & S London25Club Replay Cheshire
Rileys Mox Sussex53Merley Social Club
Phoenix Cue Club A54R C Slappers Sussex
The Buck Hotel E Yorks52Spot On Nottingham
Lyndale GMC45Jordans A Kent
Volunteer D Nhants35Hammersmith Sands
Bulls Head Libertines15Scunthorpe Conservativ
The Shearer Arms Hants51Hinckley Snooker Club
Gimme A Break Kent15Black Horse Lancs
PSL Silver Cambs15Slough Irish Club Berk
Limetree A Cambs35Rileys Rugby Warks
Steelmelters S Yorks52Deanos Dishers Norfolk
Fabulous Franks Sufflk35Wellington Arms Staffs
Woadmans Arms Cambs54Cambridge Snooker Camb
Brierley Hill Sports45Les Dodd Snooker Mersy
Coopers Nhants51Mr Bumbles Surrey
Worthing XXXX Sussex15The Deal Cutter Kent
Prince of Wales A Stfs25Riverside Snooker D
Mr Pools D Essex53Normans Lancs
Saxon Hotel S Yorks54Drum & Monkey A
Hammersmith Club54Plaza S & P Club Devon
Anchor Inn Staffs05Rileys Rocks Norfolk
JJs Pool Hall A52The Bell A Leics
Rileys Cueball Derbys25Rileys A Scunthorpe
Pheonix Cue Sports A52Spots & Stripes A
Bulls Head Bradford53Compasses A Beds
Kirkstead Mishits Linc15Prince of Wales C Stfs
The Willow Hants15Surbiton Town Sports
Memories Bar S Yorks51The N S C Bristol
Lord Nelson S Yorks51Corby Potters Nhants
Irish Z Berks25William IV A Norfolk
Blue Gates Hotel W Mid45Cue & Brew A Worcs
Round 2
Sat 12th May 5pm
The Venue A Essex51Kings Rejects Cheshire
The Romany Nhants35The Eagle Hockham
Sovereign Banbits Hant51Corby S & P Club
The Good Men Sussex15Three Crowns A Bristol
Spot On Sheffield05Surbiton Town Surrey
Club 147 X Leics51Breakers Snooker Club
William IV B Norfolk25Regency Club Lincs
Cue & Brew C Worcs54Rose Tavern B Suffolk
Limetree B Cambs53Rileys Atherton GMC
Pineapple Inn Lancs45Rileys Cannock A
Wisbech Venue Cambs25Brierley Hill Snooker
Cousins S & P Lounge15Snooker Exiles Norfolk
Rileys Stevenage Herts25Rileys LA Norfolk
Bridge Hotel Lincs51The IT Group Sussex
The Wheatsheaf W Mids15Glossop Alkies
West End Elite Leics53Spot On Hucknall
Drum & Monkey B Sufflk05Pig & Whistle Herts
Cabin End Lancs15Cambridge WMC Cambs
Heathgates Shrops25Volunteer A Northants
Keyta Sweepers Oxon05The Volunteer ZZZ
Willow Inn Leics15Rileys Z Sussex
Rileys Hull E Yorks51Newdigate Club A
Shades Herts51Blues Bar Middlesex
Alma Kent25Dragon Boyz Derbyshire
The Sportsman Lincs51Snooker Robins Norfolk
Midland X W Mids50Rileys Elite Ipswich
Limetree C Cambs45147 AAA Leics
Rushden Athletic Club25Riverside Snooker A
Phoenix Elite Notts53Milton Road Club Wilts
Tilt Z W Yorks15Stella Rileys Nhants
The Regency Club Lincs45Snookes A Dorset
The Nuthouse Sussex52Corby Pool Q Nhants
Sat 12th May 6:30pm
The Bleep Sussex45Club Replay Cheshire
Jordans Turtles Kent52Rileys Mox Sussex
Romany Q Nhants25Phoenix Cue Club A
Mr Pools C Essex15The Buck Hotel E Yorks
Thetford Sports Club25Jordans A Kent
Emley Moor WMC51Hammersmith Sands
Players Bashers Staffs54Scunthorpe Conservativ
Rileys Allsorts Norflk25The Shearer Arms Hants
Spot on Reds Nhants54Black Horse Lancs
147 Swindon Wilts25Slough Irish Club Berk
Mr Pool's B Essex35Rileys Rugby Warks
Somercotes Derbyshire53Steelmelters S Yorks
Hillingdon B L London15Wellington Arms Staffs
The Bell Leics15Woadmans Arms Cambs
Royal Oak Skegness35Les Dodd Snooker Mersy
Rileys A Mansfield35Coopers Nhants
Town House Royale Camb15The Deal Cutter Kent
Rileys Cannock Staffs35Riverside Snooker D
Clacton Snooker Club E35Mr Pools D Essex
The Moosetwits Norfolk45Saxon Hotel S Yorks
The Fox and Lion Lancs15Hammersmith Club
Phoenix Cue Club Notts15Rileys Rocks Norfolk
The Crown Inn Leics15JJs Pool Hall A
Spots & Stripes B05Rileys A Scunthorpe
Sittingbourne Snker V15Pheonix Cue Sports A
Rileys Wigan Lancs51Bulls Head Bradford
O'Donoghues London25Prince of Wales C Stfs
Rileys 707 Beds45Surbiton Town Sports
Chez's Babes London15Memories Bar S Yorks
Rat Pack Herts53Lord Nelson S Yorks
The Market Inn D Kent05William IV A Norfolk
The Slackers Lancs45Cue & Brew A Worcs
Round 3
Sat 12th May 8pm
The Venue A Essex45The Eagle Hockham
Sovereign Banbits Hant25Three Crowns A Bristol
Surbiton Town Surrey35Club 147 X Leics
Regency Club Lincs54Cue & Brew C Worcs
Limetree B Cambs54Rileys Cannock A
Brierley Hill Snooker54Snooker Exiles Norfolk
Rileys LA Norfolk25Bridge Hotel Lincs
Glossop Alkies51West End Elite Leics
Pig & Whistle Herts25Cambridge WMC Cambs
Volunteer A Northants52The Volunteer ZZZ
Rileys Z Sussex52Rileys Hull E Yorks
Shades Herts05Dragon Boyz Derbyshire
The Sportsman Lincs45Midland X W Mids
147 AAA Leics35Riverside Snooker A
Phoenix Elite Notts54Stella Rileys Nhants
Snookes A Dorset52The Nuthouse Sussex
Club Replay Cheshire50Jordans Turtles Kent
Phoenix Cue Club A53The Buck Hotel E Yorks
Jordans A Kent53Emley Moor WMC
Players Bashers Staffs35The Shearer Arms Hants
Spot on Reds Nhants54Slough Irish Club Berk
Rileys Rugby Warks15Somercotes Derbyshire
Wellington Arms Staffs35Woadmans Arms Cambs
Les Dodd Snooker Mersy35Coopers Nhants
The Deal Cutter Kent15Riverside Snooker D
Mr Pools D Essex53Saxon Hotel S Yorks
Hammersmith Club25Rileys Rocks Norfolk
JJs Pool Hall A50Rileys A Scunthorpe
Pheonix Cue Sports A35Rileys Wigan Lancs
Prince of Wales C Stfs25Surbiton Town Sports
Memories Bar S Yorks53Rat Pack Herts
William IV A Norfolk52Cue & Brew A Worcs
Last 32
Sat 12th May 9:30pm
The Eagle Hockham45Three Crowns A Bristol
Club 147 X Leics53Regency Club Lincs
Limetree B Cambs54Brierley Hill Snooker
Bridge Hotel Lincs54Glossop Alkies
Cambridge WMC Cambs25Volunteer A Northants
Rileys Z Sussex50Dragon Boyz Derbyshire
Midland X W Mids53Riverside Snooker A
Phoenix Elite Notts52Snookes A Dorset
Club Replay Cheshire52Phoenix Cue Club A
Jordans A Kent35The Shearer Arms Hants
Spot on Reds Nhants15Somercotes Derbyshire
Woadmans Arms Cambs53Coopers Nhants
Riverside Snooker D54Mr Pools D Essex
Rileys Rocks Norfolk25JJs Pool Hall A
Rileys Wigan Lancs54Surbiton Town Sports
Memories Bar S Yorks35William IV A Norfolk
Last 16
Sun 13th May 9am
Three Crowns A Bristol25Club 147 X Leics
Limetree B Cambs15Bridge Hotel Lincs
Volunteer A Northants35Rileys Z Sussex
Midland X W Mids45Phoenix Elite Notts
Club Replay Cheshire51The Shearer Arms Hants
Somercotes Derbyshire50Woadmans Arms Cambs
Riverside Snooker D53JJs Pool Hall A
Rileys Wigan Lancs52William IV A Norfolk
Quarter Final
Sun 13th May 10:30am
Club 147 X Leics53Bridge Hotel Lincs
Rileys Z Sussex53Phoenix Elite Notts
Club Replay Cheshire35Somercotes Derbyshire
Riverside Snooker D52Rileys Wigan Lancs
Semi Final
Sun 13th May 12pm
Club 147 X Leics53Rileys Z Sussex
Somercotes Derbyshire52Riverside Snooker D
Sun 13th May 1:30pm
Club 147 X Leics53Somercotes Derbyshire
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Image 1
Winners - Club 147 X
Image 2
Runner Up - Somercotes Derbyshire
Image 3
Semi Finalist - Riverside Snooker D
Image 4
Semi Finalist - Rileys Z Sussex
Image 5
Winner - Steve Simpson
Image 6
Runner Up - Kenny Hampson
Image 7
Semi Finalist - Barry Finnan
Image 8
Semi Finalist - Adam Brown


Nearly fourteen hundred people headed for Vauxhall Holiday Park for the Golden Cue weekend. With all 320 teams booked in, it was sure to be a very busy weekend.

The weekend started with the Under 21 and Seniors trials, and the World Masters Qualifiers, which had an overwhelming response and as a reward to our members the E.P.A. decided to send the last 32 qualifiers to the finals instead of the normal 16.

On the Saturday morning, some teams made an early start in the preliminary round which resulted in some close matches. 8 Ball Club from Essex lost by the odd frame to Phoenix Cue Club A, as did Riley's Cannock against Riley's Mox Sussex. Bournemouth Con Club lost by the same score to Brierley Hill Sports, Dan Wells, Steve Parker, and James Green from the Shearer Arms (Hants) beat Chris Coccia, Dean Lapham, and Matt Champ from The Three Crowns (Bristol) 5-4. In the second Prelim round Gordon Fyvie, Mark Price, and Scott Gaught were another team to squeeze through by the odd frame against Lee Doyle, Steve Battye, and Ash Martin, as did Cambridge Snooker against F.W.M. Club from Wiltshire.

In round one, a local derby saw William IV B (Norfolk) beat Rose Tavern A (Suffolk) 5-1, Dan Trasler, Scott McMillan, and Mick Skinner from Stella Riley's (Nhants) beat Peter Somerton, Liam Holmes, and Matt Lyne Manor House Hotel B 5-4, as did Glossop Alkies against Thurcroft Miners B.

Into round two, and Players Bashers (Staffs) edged through against Scunthorpe Conservative 5-4, as did Club Replay (Cheshire) against The Bleep (Sussex), Chris Minns, Robbie Dickson, and Ben Annison (The Moosetwits) lost to Jon Waller, Alistair Bailie, and Glen McKay (Saxon Hotel) 5-4, two more good teams with Gavin Lomax, Danny Davies, and John Bowkett beat Nicky Parnell, Darren Hope, and Matt Goodale 5-4

Most of the matches in Round three turned out rather one sided affairs, so into the last thirty two, and Richie Foxall, Dan Eaton-Lees, and Joe Hutton beat Glen Hannibal, James Griffin, and Tony Morgan 5-3

JJ's Pool Hall beat Riley's Rocks 5-2, Limetree B beat Riley's Cannock 5-4, as did Spot on Reds (Northants) against Slough Irish Club. Coopers saw off Les Dodd Snooker 5-3, and Woadmans Arms (Cambs) beat Wellington Arms (Staffs) by the same score. Chris McMullan, Simon Dodwell, and Paul Frith (Riverside Snooker D) beat Steve Dowdell, Wayne Dowsett, and Calum Ranson (Mr Pools D) 5-4. Glen Cahir, Ian Davenport, and Dave Arstall saw off Michael Hope, Rob McGowen, and Tom Kennedy 5-4.

In the last sixteen Riley's Z (Sussex) beat Volunteer A (Nhants) 5-3, Club 147 X (Leicester) beat Three Crowns A 5-2, Somercotes (Derbyshire) whitewashed (Woadmans Arms), Club Replay beat The Shearer Arms 5-1, Phoenix Elite beat Midland X 5-4, Bridge Hotel (Lincs) had a 5-1 victory over Limetree B, Riley's (Wigan) won 5-2 against William IV A (Norfolk), and Riverside Snooker D beat JJ's 5-3.

The quarter Finals then had Riverside D beating Riley's Wigan 5-2, Club Replay lost to Somercotes 5-3, as did Phoenix elite to Riley's Z, Club 147 X accounted for the Bridge Hotel 5-3.

In the Semi's 147X beat Darren Welfare, Jason Norris, and Paul McNeil from Riley's Z 5-3, and Somercotes beat Riverside D 5-2.

In the Final Liam Bullock, and Stephen Heenan put Somercotes 2-0 up, but Steve Robertshaw beat Lee Gilbert to make it 2-1, Shaun Payne then won two for 147 X, and Robertshaw made it 4-2, but Bullock beat Tommy Donlon for 4-3, Shaun Payne was unbeaten as he won frame eight to win the competition for 147X.

In the Golden Cue Singles a large entry culminated in Steve Simpson (Derby) beating Adam Brown (Oxford) 4-2, and Kenny Hampson (Bolton) beating Barry Finnan (Merseyside) by the odd frame 4-3 in the semi's. In the Final Simpson won 5-4.


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