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Golden Cue - 2013

Golden Cue
Sat 11th May 8am
Rileys Rugby Warks05Cue World Lincs
Rose & Crown A Shropshire54Ivy Leaf Club A Herts
Diss Cue Club D15Willow Inn Leics
Compasses B Beds45Mr Bumble Surrey
Rileys Gillingham Kent05The Mermaid Hamps
Pineapple Inn A Lancs35Hammer & Wedge Notts
Rileys Dishers Norfolk53Tally Trio Plus One
River Bulls X Cambs05Rileys Z Sussex
Allstars Sports Bar A45Jordans Rock Solid
Barny Army C Suffolk25Snookes A Dorset
The Likely Lads Worcs15Southampton Arms A
Drum & Monkey A52Rose & Crown B Shropshire
Cambridge S Centre A45Les Dodd S Centre
Allstars Sports Bar35Lyndale Eccles GMC
The Crown Inn Leics53White Rose W Yorks
The Stumble Inn Notts51Avon Mill A Warks
The Parade Warks52The Cross Keys Zak
Deanos Dishers NorfoLK51Dishers Dads Army
The Tavern Dorset05The Pewter Pot S Yorks
Fox and Lion A Lancs52Legends Legends Essex
The NSC Bristol45147 Club Pudsey
Rose Villa WMC W Mids50Attleborough Snooker
Rileys Cannock A52Queen Charlotte Hamps
Blues Bar A Middlesex50ASC Falcons A Norfolk
Phoenix Flyers Notts05Rileys A Ipswich
The County B W Mids35Jaxx Q Club X Derbys
Drum & Monkey U50Ambassador S Club
Windmill Norwich54Cabin End A Lancs
Leek Snooker Centre259 Bar Devon
147 Top Boys Leics52The Shearer Arms B
Maidstone Snooker Club54FWM Club B Wiltshire
The White Hart S Yorks25Volunteer A Northants
Sat 11th May 9:30am
Woodbine WMC Wales35Shades B Herts
Club Replay Cheshire15Players Pool Lounge
Basford Hall M W35Drum & Monkey E
The Eagle Hockham50Lanterns Coys Kent
The Town House A Cambs05Milnsbridge LC A WY
Unwin Social Club A15Woadmans Arms Cambs
Midland SSIS W Mids51Bumble Bee
Melton Mowbray SC52ASC Lucky 7s Norfolk
Bulls Head A W Yorks53Drum & Monkey B
Shipley Dream Team15Hinckley Snooker Club
Cue & Brew B Worcs35TIV Con Devon
L & D A Herts15Q Room Derbyshire
Road to Morocco B51The Bull B Haverhill
Rileys Nottingham51Crown Inn A Pulborough
Bredbury CC Cheshire15Royal Oak Skegness
Avon Mill C Warks53The Globe W Yorks
United Sports Bar15The Mermaid A Hamps
William IV A Norfolk54Spot On A Northants
Churchills Kent05Red House Rambos Leics
Southampton Arms51Noels Arms Leics
Rileys Gents Beds53Dog Inn Lancs
Snooker Exiles Norfolk35Chiswick Snooker Club
Breakers B Notts15Pot Black Snooker Club
White Horse A Shrop51Sovereigns A Hamps
Crown Inn B Glossop53Rileys Brighton Sussex
Pewter Pot B S Yorks25Locomotive Bashers
JJs Pool Club Barnet53The Club Leics
Corby S & P Club Nort25The Sportsman Lincs
Fox and Lion Lancs54Hillingdon Brit Legion
L & D Social Club Beds53The Dukes Head Berks
Riverside Snkr Club A54WV147 W Mids
Alma Kent45Cambridge S Centre
Round 1
Sat 11th May 11am
Compasses A Beds51The Lights W Yorks
3 Crowns Bristol52The Barn Club Bucks
Riverside Snkr Club D15Shepherds Call
George & Dragon Cambs15Ambassador S Club A
The Tulip Essex45The Linford Leics
Queen Charlotte A35Garswood Bowling Club
Rileys Hull A45Rileys Harlow Essex
The Welby Leics15Prince of Wales Potter
ASC Falcons B Norfolk05The County A W Mids
Pig & Whistle Herts05West End X Leics
Chequers Lincs53O Donoghues A London
Cousins Kent35Greyhound Diss
Rushden AC A25The Seahorse
Phoenix Elite Notts45The Crown House Club
White Horse Shrop54Lindley WMC W York
Thurcroft Bottom Club15Cannock Social Staffs
Drum & Monkey C15Surbiton Town Surrey
Crawley Rugby Club54Spring Cottage W Mids
Avon Mill B Warks54Brierley Hill Sp Bar A
Breakers A Notts45O Donoghues London
Limetree B Cambs51Corn Exchange Derbys
Mr Pools XL Essex52The Shearer Arms A
Club 147 999 Leics45Blundells Kent
The Volunteer B05Stamford Cuemakers
Canavans London45Rileys Rocks Norfolk
Diss Cue Club C51Corby Pool Q
Royal Oak Notts52The Pottery Dorset
The Nuthouse Sussex50Golden Cue P & S WMids
Just For Men Berkshire45The Court Cambs
Pheonix JAP Derby50Pick Pockets B Berks
The Cambs Hunter35Lanterns Kent
The George & Dragon A25Spectrum Academy
Sat 11th May 12:30pm
Jordans A Kent35Rileys XL Worcester
Dales Elite Suffolk25Spots N Stripes London
PSL Silver Cambs53Irish 8 Berkshire
Sittingbourne S Club15Barking Pool Zeds Ess
Norman Snooker Lancs45Bungys Muppets Kent
Club 147 X Leics53ISE Lodge Northants
Sportsman Worcs25Punch Tavern Suffolk
Greyhound Dogs Norfolk25Triple Js Wiltshire
Club 147 Leics05Brierley Hill Sp Bar C
Reds Snooker Club50Breakers C Notts
Dorking RMS Surrey05Barny Army B Suffolk
Mr Pools E Essex53Memories Bar S Yorks
The Volunteer S50Melton Snooker Club
Merlins 147 Norfolk35Smugglers Inn Kent
Wooton WMC Northants25The Bell A Leics
Barny Army A Suffolk25Keyta Club Oxon
Coopers B Northants53The Bell Leics
Rileys LA Norfolk53The Bell B Leics
Tuckers Stars London35Regency Club Lincs
Snooker Centre Robins25Cue & Brew Worcs
Swindon Snooker Wilts50Emley Moor WMC
Brierley Hill Sp Bar50Labour Club Sussex
Surbiton Town A53Haverhill Zeddz
Man on The Moon Cambs51Wrockwarding Wood FC
Witney Snooker Club54The Romany Northants
Diss Cue Club A53Hammersmith Club
Rileys Sports Lincs51Pick Pockets A Berks
Rileys Wigan Lancs52Jordans Kent
Crooked Billet Herts35Rileys Chorlton GMC
Sportsman Braintree C54Bournemouth Con Club
Glossop Alkies Derbys51The Townhouse Cambs
Three Crowns Bristol52Rileys Luton Beds
Sat 11th May 2pm
Ring O Bells Leics51Kings Arms Broomfield
Rileys Maidstone54Benels Northants
Rileys Fun Team25Rock with Chalk Essex
The Winds GMC45Rileys Birmingham
FWM Club A Wiltshire54Royal Standard Surrey
Mill House Sussex45Milnsbridge LC B WY
The Herald Bucks53Limetree D Cambs
The Waiters Derbyshire35The Anchor A Devon
Rileys Hull C52GMT Legends Essex
Rileys Deadbeats Lancs25Rileys Scunthorpe
Windy Millers London35Rileys A Norwich
Coopers A Northants52Phoenix Cue Club A
The Swan Oxon25Compufixit Allstars
Coopers Snooker Club51Saxon Hotel S Yorks
Yeovil Snooker Club15Hazelwood House Staffs
Drum & Monkey Suffolk45Rack B Berkshire
Crossways Tavern Devon45The Bull Suffolk
Coopers Jager Northant53Brooklands Hotel Salop
Sotatally Tober Berks53HRC Bennys Boys Beds
River Bulls B Cambs25The Anchor B Devon
Rileys Scunthorpe A54Road to Morocco A
The Bull A Haverhill45Crown Inn B Pulborough
The Royal Oak Nuneaton25Rubyjacks Worcs
BL Long Lawford Warks53The Southdown Sussex
Epsom Federation52Taras Tunns Suffolk
Moorends Comrades05Rileys Nottingham A
Nether Heyford Sp C35Diss Cue Club B
The Crown Hornchurch50Irish Club Z Berks
Mickey Flynns Cambs51Avon Mill D Warks
Mavericks Sussex25Players Sports Bar
Stapleford Cue Club52Shades A Herts
Wykin Club Leics54The Blademen S Yorks
Sat 11th May 3:30pm
Cue World Lincs25Cambridge S Centre
Rose & Crown A Shropshire05Riverside Snkr Club A
Willow Inn Leics35L & D Social Club Beds
Mr Bumble Surrey53Fox and Lion Lancs
The Mermaid Hamps51The Sportsman Lincs
Hammer & Wedge Notts15JJs Pool Club Barnet
Rileys Dishers Norfolk15Locomotive Bashers
Rileys Z Sussex53Crown Inn B Glossop
Jordans Rock Solid35White Horse A Shrop
Snookes A Dorset50Pot Black Snooker Club
Southampton Arms A35Chiswick Snooker Club
Drum & Monkey A54Rileys Gents Beds
Les Dodd S Centre52Southampton Arms
Lyndale Eccles GMC35Red House Rambos Leics
The Crown Inn Leics15William IV A Norfolk
The Stumble Inn Notts25The Mermaid A Hamps
The Parade Warks51Avon Mill C Warks
Deanos Dishers NorfoLK52Royal Oak Skegness
The Pewter Pot S Yorks50Rileys Nottingham
Fox and Lion A Lancs45Road to Morocco B
147 Club Pudsey25Q Room Derbyshire
Rose Villa WMC W Mids53TIV Con Devon
Rileys Cannock A45Hinckley Snooker Club
Blues Bar A Middlesex25Bulls Head A W Yorks
Rileys A Ipswich51Melton Mowbray SC
Jaxx Q Club X Derbys35Midland SSIS W Mids
Drum & Monkey U45Woadmans Arms Cambs
Windmill Norwich45Milnsbridge LC A WY
9 Bar Devon15The Eagle Hockham
147 Top Boys Leics53Drum & Monkey E
Maidstone Snooker Club25Players Pool Lounge
Volunteer A Northants54Shades B Herts
Round 2
Sat 11th May 5pm
Compasses A Beds52Rileys XL Worcester
3 Crowns Bristol52Spots N Stripes London
Shepherds Call45PSL Silver Cambs
Ambassador S Club A25Barking Pool Zeds Ess
The Linford Leics54Bungys Muppets Kent
Garswood Bowling Club25Club 147 X Leics
Rileys Harlow Essex50Punch Tavern Suffolk
Prince of Wales Potter45Triple Js Wiltshire
The County A W Mids35Brierley Hill Sp Bar C
West End X Leics51Reds Snooker Club
Chequers Lincs52Barny Army B Suffolk
Greyhound Diss45Mr Pools E Essex
The Seahorse45The Volunteer S
The Crown House Club54Smugglers Inn Kent
White Horse Shrop15The Bell A Leics
Cannock Social Staffs25Keyta Club Oxon
Surbiton Town Surrey51Coopers B Northants
Crawley Rugby Club25Rileys LA Norfolk
Avon Mill B Warks53Regency Club Lincs
O Donoghues London52Cue & Brew Worcs
Limetree B Cambs45Swindon Snooker Wilts
Mr Pools XL Essex45Brierley Hill Sp Bar
Blundells Kent35Surbiton Town A
Stamford Cuemakers25Man on The Moon Cambs
Rileys Rocks Norfolk52Witney Snooker Club
Diss Cue Club C52Diss Cue Club A
Royal Oak Notts53Rileys Sports Lincs
The Nuthouse Sussex15Rileys Wigan Lancs
The Court Cambs53Rileys Chorlton GMC
Pheonix JAP Derby53Sportsman Braintree C
Lanterns Kent45Glossop Alkies Derbys
Spectrum Academy45Three Crowns Bristol
Sat 11th May 6:30pm
Ring O Bells Leics35Cambridge S Centre
Rileys Maidstone45Riverside Snkr Club A
Rock with Chalk Essex53L & D Social Club Beds
Rileys Birmingham53Mr Bumble Surrey
FWM Club A Wiltshire25The Mermaid Hamps
Milnsbridge LC B WY45JJs Pool Club Barnet
The Herald Bucks54Locomotive Bashers
The Anchor A Devon35Rileys Z Sussex
Rileys Hull C54White Horse A Shrop
Rileys Scunthorpe45Snookes A Dorset
Rileys A Norwich15Chiswick Snooker Club
Coopers A Northants53Drum & Monkey A
Compufixit Allstars45Les Dodd S Centre
Coopers Snooker Club52Red House Rambos Leics
Hazelwood House Staffs45William IV A Norfolk
Rack B Berkshire15The Mermaid A Hamps
The Bull Suffolk05The Parade Warks
Coopers Jager Northant25Deanos Dishers NorfoLK
Sotatally Tober Berks25The Pewter Pot S Yorks
The Anchor B Devon54Road to Morocco B
Rileys Scunthorpe A51Q Room Derbyshire
Crown Inn B Pulborough15Rose Villa WMC W Mids
Rubyjacks Worcs35Hinckley Snooker Club
BL Long Lawford Warks15Bulls Head A W Yorks
Epsom Federation50Rileys A Ipswich
Rileys Nottingham A15Midland SSIS W Mids
Diss Cue Club B25Woadmans Arms Cambs
The Crown Hornchurch53Milnsbridge LC A WY
Mickey Flynns Cambs35The Eagle Hockham
Players Sports Bar35147 Top Boys Leics
Stapleford Cue Club05Players Pool Lounge
Wykin Club Leics25Volunteer A Northants
Round 3
Sat 11th May 8pm
Compasses A Beds053 Crowns Bristol
PSL Silver Cambs35Barking Pool Zeds Ess
The Linford Leics15Club 147 X Leics
Rileys Harlow Essex52Triple Js Wiltshire
Brierley Hill Sp Bar C52West End X Leics
Chequers Lincs53Mr Pools E Essex
The Volunteer S53The Crown House Club
The Bell A Leics15Keyta Club Oxon
Surbiton Town Surrey50Rileys LA Norfolk
Avon Mill B Warks25O Donoghues London
Swindon Snooker Wilts45Brierley Hill Sp Bar
Surbiton Town A54Man on The Moon Cambs
Rileys Rocks Norfolk51Diss Cue Club C
Royal Oak Notts35Rileys Wigan Lancs
The Court Cambs15Pheonix JAP Derby
Glossop Alkies Derbys15Three Crowns Bristol
Cambridge S Centre51Riverside Snkr Club A
Rock with Chalk Essex51Rileys Birmingham
The Mermaid Hamps51JJs Pool Club Barnet
The Herald Bucks45Rileys Z Sussex
Rileys Hull C45Snookes A Dorset
Chiswick Snooker Club52Coopers A Northants
Les Dodd S Centre51Coopers Snooker Club
William IV A Norfolk51The Mermaid A Hamps
The Parade Warks25Deanos Dishers NorfoLK
The Pewter Pot S Yorks51The Anchor B Devon
Rileys Scunthorpe A53Rose Villa WMC W Mids
Hinckley Snooker Club50Bulls Head A W Yorks
Epsom Federation15Midland SSIS W Mids
Woadmans Arms Cambs53The Crown Hornchurch
The Eagle Hockham35147 Top Boys Leics
Players Pool Lounge51Volunteer A Northants
Last 32
Sat 11th May 9:30pm
3 Crowns Bristol54Barking Pool Zeds Ess
Club 147 X Leics53Rileys Harlow Essex
Brierley Hill Sp Bar C45Chequers Lincs
The Volunteer S45Keyta Club Oxon
Surbiton Town Surrey54O Donoghues London
Brierley Hill Sp Bar54Surbiton Town A
Rileys Rocks Norfolk54Rileys Wigan Lancs
Pheonix JAP Derby53Three Crowns Bristol
Cambridge S Centre52Rock with Chalk Essex
The Mermaid Hamps53Rileys Z Sussex
Snookes A Dorset35Chiswick Snooker Club
Les Dodd S Centre45William IV A Norfolk
Deanos Dishers NorfoLK45The Pewter Pot S Yorks
Rileys Scunthorpe A45Hinckley Snooker Club
Midland SSIS W Mids52Woadmans Arms Cambs
147 Top Boys Leics54Players Pool Lounge
Last 16
Sun 12th May 9am
3 Crowns Bristol35Club 147 X Leics
Chequers Lincs35Keyta Club Oxon
Surbiton Town Surrey35Brierley Hill Sp Bar
Rileys Rocks Norfolk51Pheonix JAP Derby
Cambridge S Centre53The Mermaid Hamps
Chiswick Snooker Club50William IV A Norfolk
The Pewter Pot S Yorks54Hinckley Snooker Club
Midland SSIS W Mids25147 Top Boys Leics
Quarter Final
Sun 12th May 10:30am
Club 147 X Leics54Keyta Club Oxon
Brierley Hill Sp Bar54Rileys Rocks Norfolk
Cambridge S Centre35Chiswick Snooker Club
The Pewter Pot S Yorks52147 Top Boys Leics
Semi Final
Sun 12th May 12pm
Club 147 X Leics54Brierley Hill Sp Bar
Chiswick Snooker Club35The Pewter Pot S Yorks
Sun 12th May 1:30pm
Club 147 X Leics54The Pewter Pot S Yorks
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Image 1
Golden Cue Winners 2013 - Club 147 X Leics
Image 2
Golden Cue Runners Up 2013 - The Pewter Pot S Yorks
Image 3
Golden Cue Semi Finalists 2013 - Brierley Hill Sp Bar
Image 4
Golden Cue Semi Finalists 2013 - Chiswick Snooker Club
Image 5
Golden Cue Singles Winner - Ben Savage
Image 6
Golden Cue Singles Runner Up - Steve Singh
Image 7
Golden Cue Singles Semi Finalist - Grieg Batten
Image 8
Golden Cue Singles Semi Finalist - Kevin McCallum


Well over 1300 people attended Vauxhall Holiday Park for the Golden Cue 3 Man Team event and this year it appeared there were a higher number of very good teams present.

Preliminary Round

In the preliminary round, the Rose& Crown A (Shropshire) had a narrow 5-4 win over Ivy Leaf Club A (Herts) as did Mr Bumble (Surrey) against Compasses B (Beds). Jason norris, Paul McNeil, and Darren Welfare Riley's Z (Sussex) had an easy 5-0 victory over River Bulls X (Cambs). Another close match saw John Rimmer, Will Jerram and Andy O'Hara win by the odd frame against Cambs Snooker Centre A. 147 Club (Pudsey) also won 5-4 against The NSC (Bristol)

The first match to finish was Riley's A (Ipswich) with Richard Twomey, Sam Jeffrey, and Karl Sutton whitewashing the Pheonix Flyers (Notts). Scott, Shawn and Ian Smith (Midland SSIS) had a 5-1 win over Bumble Bee. Riverside Snooker Club A had a narrow 5-4 win against WV147 (West Mids). Woodbine WMC (Wales) fell at the first hurdle to Shades B (Herts). Riley's A (Hull) lost to Riley's (Harlow) 5-4. The County A (West Mids) whitewashed ASC Falcons B (Attleborough). Pig & Whistle (Herts) suffered the same fate against West End X (Leicester). A very strong Chequers (Lincs) with Neil Davey, Shane Balding and Chris Back beat O'Donoghues A (London) 5-3.

Limetree B (Cambs) beat Corn Exchange (Derby) 5-1, Canavans (London) won the first four frames and then lost the last five to Riley's Rocks (Norwich). Another 5-4 winner was The Court (Cambs) over Just For Men (Berks). Michael Hope, Tom Kennedy and Rob McGowen (Surbiton Town A) beat Haverhill Zeddz 5-3. Dave Belcher, Kev Smith and Ben Clark from Sportsman C (Braintree) beat Bournemouth Con: Club 5-4.

Round One

In Round One, last years winners 147 Club X (Leicester) beat ISE Lodge (Northants) 5-3. Brierley Hill Sports Bar beat Labour Club (Sussex) 5-0. Tracy Randall, Theresa Sheridan and Caroline Bowkett (Club 147 Leicester) just failed 5-4 against Blundells (Kent). C. Waddingham, M.Couch and J.Morris (Riley's Scunthorpe) started with three 8 ball clearances and beat Riley's Deadbeats 5-2. Riley's A (Scunthorpe) beat Road to Morocco A 5-4, as did Crown Inn B (Pulborough) over The Bull A (Haverhill). Another 5-4 winner was Wykin Club (Leicester) against The Blademen (South Yorks). Mickey Flynns (Cambs) had a comfortable 5-1 win over Avon Mill D. Volunteer A (Northants) beat Shades B (Herts) 5-4. William IV A (Norwich) saw off The Crown Inn (Leicester) 5-1. Q Room (Derby) beat 147 Club (Pudsey) 5-2. Glen Hannibal, James Griffin and Adam Wheller from Riverside Snooker Club A whitewashed Rose & Crown A (Shropshire).

Three younger lads from L&D Social Club (Beds) Liam Doherty, Rory Dawson, and Joey Sage beat the Willow Inn (Leicester) 5-3. Mr Bumble (Surrey) found themselves 3-0 down, but won the next five against Fox & Lion (Lancs). The Mermaid (Hampshire) cruised through 5-1 against past winners The Sportsman (Lincs). Players Pool Lounge (Newcastle) with Liam White, Darren Lightfoot and England captain Lee Kendall beat Maidstone Snooker Club 5-2. Locomotive Bashers beat Riley's Dishers 5-1 with Lee Whitfield recording an 8 ball clearance in the first frame. Billy White, Craig Smith and Chris McDermott from The Parade (Warks) beat Avon Mill C (Warks) 5-1. Riley's A (Cannock) just lost out to Hinckley Snooker Club 5-4. Another 5-4 winner Road to Morocco B over Fox & Lion A. The Eagle (Hockham) had an emphatic 5-1 win against 9 Bar (Devon). 147 Top Boys (Leicester) with Gavin Lomax, John Bowkett and Danny Davies had a good win over Drum & Monkey E (Ipswich) with Paul Keeble, Alan Mower and Steve Kane 5-3. Snookes A (Dorset) with Scott Carpenter, Rob Kelly and Mark Cottingham whitewashed Pot Black Snooker Club 5-0.

Round Two

Triple J's (Wiltshire) beat Prince of Wales 5-4. West End X (Leicester) beat Reds Snooker Club 5-1. Mr. Pools E (Colchester) was another 5-4 winner over The Greyhound (Diss),. The Volunteer S overcame The Seahorse by the same score as did The Crown House Club against The Smugglers Inn. Ollie O'Boyle, Lee Nelson and Steve Chambers from Surbiton Town beat Coopers B 5-1 and Jon Colman, Mally Brooks and Chris Wright Riley's L.A. (Norwich) saw off Crawley Rugby Club 5-2. Paul Smith, Adam Clark and Tony Smith from Glossop Alkies won the final three frames to beat Lanterns 5-4. Bungys Muppets went 4-0 up, but then lost the next five to The Linford (Leicester). Andy Cooper, Nicky Scott and Shane Thomson beat Spectrum Academy 5-4. Diss Cue Club C beat their A team 5-2. John Runghen, Gary Parsons and Steve Adams (Barking Pool Zeds) beat Ambassadors A 5-2. PSL Silver (Cambs) beat Shepherds Call 5-4.

John Strange, Pete Wright and Steve Simpson beat the Sportsman C (Braintree) 5-3 as did The Court (Cambs) against Riley's Chorlton. Riley's (Harlow) knocked out the Punch Tavern 5-0. Darren Sadler, Carl Caney and Ashley Troath, Rock with Chalk (Essex) beat the young boys from L & D Social Club 5-3. Another 5-3 winner was Riley's (Birmingham) against Mr. Bumble (Surrey). 147 Top Boys (Leicester) overcame a strong Players Sports Bar with Ben Clayton, Ralph Winfield and Mark Singleton 5-3. Hinckley Snooker Club saw off Rubyjacks (Worcs) by the same score. The Herald (Bucks) beat Locomotive Bashers 5-4 as did JJ's Pool Club (Barnett) against Minsbridge LC B. Riley's C (Hull) also won 5-4 against White Horse A. Epsom Federation beat Riley's A (Ipswich) 5-0. Shane Cawdron, Martyn Curston and Paul Thraxton (William IV Norwich) edged through 5-4 against Hazelwood House (Staffs).

Round 3

Into Round Three, and Riley's Z (Sussex) beat The Herald 5-4, Surbiton Town A had the same score against Man on The Moon, Brierley Hill Sports Bar beat Swindon Snooker also 5-4, The Pewter Pot had a comfortable 5-1 win over The Anchor B, O'Donoghues (London) beat Avon Mill B 5-2, Riley's (Wigan) went through 5-3 against Royal Oak (Notts), The Volunteer S beat The Crown House Club 5-3, and Keyta Club (Oxon) had a 5-1 win over The Bell A, Pheonix JAP (Derby) beat John Roe, Darren Hope, and Matt Goodale from The Court by the same score, Hinckley Snooker Club whitewashed Bulls Head A 5-0, as did the 3 Crowns against Compasses A, Surbiton Town also saw off Riley's L.A. 5-0.

Last 32

In the last 32, the 3 Crowns had to win the final four frames to edge out Barking Pool Zeds 5-4, another 5-4 winner was Chequers over Brierley Hill Sports Bar C, Keyta Club beat The Volunteer S 5-4, and William IV A did the same to Les Dodd Centre, another team who won the final four frames was Hinckley Snooker Club to go through against Riley's A (Scunthorpe), last years champions were still progressing as they beat Riley's (Harlow) 5-3, Michael O'Boyle, Simon Rivers, and Paul Stelmazuk (Cambridge Snooker Centre) beat Rock with Chalk 5-2, The Mermaid saw off Riley's Z 5-3.

Last 16

In the last sixteen, Keyta Club beat Chequers 5-3, as did Brierley Hill Sports Bar against Surbiton Town, 147 Top Boys won 5-2 against Midland SSIS, Chiswick Snooker Club had a clean sweep over William IV.

Quarter Finals

In the quarter finals the holders edged through 5-4 against Keyta Club, Brierley Hill Sports Bar won the last two frames to win 5-4 over Riley's Rocks, in a big game Pewter Pot beat 147 Top Boys 5-2, and Chiswick Snooker beat Cambridge Snooker 5-3.

Semi Finals

The semi-finals saw the Pewter Pot beat Chiswick 5-3 and Club 147 X win 5-4.


So last years champions were in the final, could they be the first team to retain the crown? They started well when Shaun Payne and Tommy Donlon won the first two frames but Daz Cheetham pulled one back. Then Payne put the 147 3-1 up, but wins by Cheetham and Lee Denman made it 3-3. Donlon won the next frame for a 4-3 lead but that man Cheetham made it 4-4 and it was left to captain Steve Robertshaw to make sure his team made history and retained the title 5-4, a fantastic achievement.


A large entry went into the Singles competition, and at the end it was Ben Savage (Gillingham) who came out on top beating Steve Singh (Peterborough) in the final 5-3. Savage had beaten Kevin McCallum (Corby) 4-1 in the semi and Singh had beaten Greg Batten (Tiverton) 4-2.


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