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Golden Cue - 2014

Golden Cue
Sat 10th May 8am
Canavans Lon50Market Inn Kent
Crocked Billet51Barmy Army J Suffolk
Manor House Hotel A50Coopers A Northants
Les Dodd Sn C51Just For Men Berks
Southampton OBB Hants53Brockham Zeds Surrey
Jordans B Kent35Three Club Sussex
Cueball Derbyshire50Stamford Cuemakers
Unwin Social Club A52Coopers MC Northants
The County A E Yorks45Lyndale Pool & Snooker
Arms Leftovers Hants53The Major Hotel Lancs
Rose & Crown A Shrops15Rileys A Worcester
Meltis Club Beds15Crown House Club Oxon
Pewter Pot A S Yorks51Mr Bumbles B Surrey
Noels Arms Leics25Jordans Rock Solid
The Bulls Head A Cambs25Volunteer XX Northants
Emley Moor WMC WY54The Globe A Tyne &
Heath House C Norfolk05Phoenix One Notts
Mr Pools GR8 Essex52The Three Tunns Suff
Corby S & P Club53Avon Mill Where's Ryan
The County A W'hall W51Daleys Club Beds
Compasses A Beds54Phoenix on Fire Notts
Players B S Yorks50Stags Head Dishers
'147 Huntingdon Cambs05Surbiton Sports Surrey
Merley Social Club51Bat & Ball A Kent
Smugglers Inn Kent05The Willow A Leics
Southampton Arms B05Woadmans Arms Cambs
Legends 'O' Essex53The Stute Leics
The Linford Leics35Court Whiz Kids Cambs
Thurcroft MWC S Yorks05The Sportsman Lincs
Moor Pool & Snooker W54Sportsman Elite Lincs
Road to Morocco25Sovereign Snooker
Smokies A Cumbria45United Sports Bar NY
Sat 10th May 9:30am
The Stumble Inn Notts35Elm Road WMC Durham
Lyndale Eccles GMC52The Star W Yorks
Reman Club Shropshire25Cannock Social A
Rat Pack A Herts52Dunstable Snooker
Young Gunz25Rodney's Head Kent
Mr Pools XL Essex51Spot On Notts Notts
Cambrideshire Hunter15Rileys Ipswich Suff
Keith Davis Cue Sports51The Mermaid Outkasts
Pot Black A Suff53Rushden Ath. Cl B
Saxon Hotel S Yorks50Avon Mill Q Stars A
Three Crowns Bristol51Allstars Sp Bar A
Team Jager Northants25Crown Old Hill W Mids
Racks A Berks52Queen Charlotte A
Drum & Monkey Goons25Sittingbourne Sn Cl Z
Coopers WGW Northants52Corn Exchange B Derbys
The Clarendon A Leics53The White Horse Shrops
Breakers C Notts50Gateshead Pub GMC
Drum & Monkey V25West End Snker A Leics
Pineapple Inn A Lancs15Frying Pan W Mids
Cue & Brew Sambuca53Morrisman Rebels
The Blackbull Cambs52The Tulip Essex
The Thornton Leics05The Eagle Hockham B
Spots and Stripes 252Corby Pool Q Northants
Avon Mill A Warks52Victoria Hotel B Wilts
Plaza Snooker & Pool D54Hinckley Snooker Club
Sportsman B Lincs35Spencers Sports Bar
Greyhound Diss C35Club 8 Berks
Queen Charlotte Hants50Monument A Kent
The Sportsman Cambs50Escape Pool Bar Lon
Heath House B Norfolk35AMC Leisure Sussex
Forresters Arms15Pheonix Z Notts
Newark Cue Club Lincs51Coalville & Dist C C
Round 1
Sat 10th May 11am
William IV A Norfolk35RAFA A Cambs
Frames X Surrey52Rileys Brighton A
Fife St WMC Nuneaton54Bailiffs Sergeant Kent
The Welby Leics05Regency Club BH Lincs
Coopers Mecca Nrthants25Swindon Snooker
Sportsman Social Club54Pewter Pot C S Yorks
Drum & Monkey Bowties25The Herald Bucks
Top Spot Leics53Rileys Hull Underdogs
The Bull B Suffolk15Mavericks B Kent
Hammersmith Club A54Hillingdon Brit Legn B
Rileys Wreckheads51Triple J's Wiltshire
Crawley Rugby Club A51Durham Ranger
Arrow A Somerset15Winchester Snker Leics
The Romany A Northants52York Road Social Club
Lord Nelson A S Yorks15Sporting Club GMC
Windmill Norwich52Maidstone Sn Misfits
The Willow B Leics45Norman Snooker Lancs
Drum & Monkey U45Crown Inn Sussex
Blues Bar A Middlesex54Corn Exchange A Derbys
Manor House Hotel B53Drum & Monkey CBs
Shepherds Call Cheshre05Dog Inn Lancashire
Heath House A Norfolk52Spectrum Sports Dorset
The Rose in June Hants25Rileys Wigan
Breakers A Notts25Clarendon B Leics
Rose & Crown B Shrops05Locomotive Bashers
Three Tun Monkeys54Jordans A Kent
Alliance Aces Cheshire15Pellon Social Club WY
Rileys Rocks Norfolk54Rileys Rugby B Warks
Club 147 X Leics53Cannock Social B
Poets Corner W Mids50Moreton Hall Club
Coalville & Dist Con25Boston Snooker Centre
R B L Farnborough05Racks C Berks
Sat 10th May 12:30pm
The Winds A GMC54Homeguard Club GMC
Kennys Sports Bar51Drum & Monkey Choppers
Cippenham RBL Berks05Mavericks A Kent
Legends Essex15The Romany B Northants
Avon Mill Q Stars B05O'Donoghues Lon
The Four Musketeers52Southampton Arms A
Crawley Rugby Cl B50Hillingdon Brit Legion
Diss Cue Club B05Royal Exchange A
Folkstone Potters Kent53Grosvenor Snooker Club
County B Willenhall25Court P & S Club B
Lanterns A Kent45Hinckley Snooker Cl B
Drum & Monkey Dodds51Victoria Hotel A Wilts
Hazelwood House Staffs15Deanos Dishers NorfolK
Prince of Wales Potter53The Dolphin Hotel
Spot-On Poppies50Coopers LJB Northants
Court P & S Club A35Mr Pools A Essex
The Grapes Lancashire51Pontefract Cue Clue
Monument B Kent51Melton Snooker Club A
ASC Lucky 7s Norfolk53Royal Snooker Wilts
Drum &Monkey Outsiders52Pick Pockets B Berks
The Old Oak Worcs25The Cricketer Beds
Rushden Athletic Cl A25The Mermaid Hants
GMT Legends Essex52Diss Greyhound A
Players Pool Lounge St51Southampton M.BB Hants
Royal Exchange C53Road to Morocco D
The Town House A Cambs15King Chance Norfolk
Cue & Brew B Worcs53Crossways Tavern Devon
Legends 'TCs' Essex25Shades NF Herts
The Black Bull Essex51Pig & Whistle Norfolk
The Cue Masters Kent53The W CC's Cambs
Carterton Social Club25Rileys Rugby A Warks
Cue & Brew Worcs53Ace of Spades Beds
Sat 10th May 2pm
Silktown Snooker Ches35Dunstable Snooker Q
Rileys Luton A Beds05Clay Pigeon Essex
Frames Surrey50Lady Jane A Leics
Crown Inn Bredbury A25C.S.S. JJJC Cambs
Hasbeens Norfolk35Volunteer A Northants
The Bull A Haverhill15Barnardiston Arms
Stow Snooker Centre53O'Connors Lon
Three Club A Sussex35Grantham S & P Club
Q Ball Sports Essex51Diss Cue Club A
Boot & Shoe Leics51Breakers B Notts
The Grapes Inn Lancs35Houghton Misfits Beds
Rileys Devils Norwich50Mr Bumble C Surrey
Wooton WMC Northants54Queen Charlote QCCs
Shades A Hertfordshire53Victoria Hotel C Wilts
Rileys XL Worcester54Legends Players Essex
Temple Bar Norfolk51Coalville & Dist Con B
RAFA Club X Cambs15Mexborough Athletic Cl
Drum & Monkey Has Been35First Break Snooker
Attleborough S C C15Phoenix Elite Notts
Royal Exchange B35Wykin Social Club
The Winds B GMC15Cambridge Snooker C
Drum & Monkey TJs50Royal Oak Lincs
Stags Head Potters05The Pewter Pot B S
Sportsman X Essex53The Royal Standard
Rileys Wrong Uns Worcs52Snooker Exiles Norfolk
Diss Greyhound B05Basford Hall MW Notts
Wykin Social Club B53Hammer & Wedge Notts
River Bulls X Cambs35Lord Nelson B S Yorks
Rileys Scunthorpe B54Rileys Nottingham
Snooker C Die Hards35Phoenix Reds Notts
Rileys Scunthorpe A53Lord NelsonC S Yorks
Rileys Brighton B35Spot On Notts A Notts
Sat 10th May 3:30pm
Canavans Lon45Newark Cue Club Lincs
Crocked Billet35Pheonix Z Notts
Manor House Hotel A35AMC Leisure Sussex
Les Dodd Sn C51The Sportsman Cambs
Southampton OBB Hants35Queen Charlotte Hants
Three Club Sussex53Club 8 Berks
Cueball Derbyshire52Spencers Sports Bar
Unwin Social Club A05Plaza Snooker & Pool D
Lyndale Pool & Snooker05Avon Mill A Warks
Arms Leftovers Hants45Spots and Stripes 2
Rileys A Worcester05The Eagle Hockham B
Crown House Club Oxon25The Blackbull Cambs
Pewter Pot A S Yorks50Cue & Brew Sambuca
Jordans Rock Solid35Frying Pan W Mids
Volunteer XX Northants53West End Snker A Leics
Emley Moor WMC WY51Breakers C Notts
Phoenix One Notts52The Clarendon A Leics
Mr Pools GR8 Essex35Coopers WGW Northants
Corby S & P Club53Sittingbourne Sn Cl Z
The County A W'hall W54Racks A Berks
Compasses A Beds45Crown Old Hill W Mids
Players B S Yorks35Three Crowns Bristol
Surbiton Sports Surrey51Saxon Hotel S Yorks
Merley Social Club54Pot Black A Suff
The Willow A Leics05Keith Davis Cue Sports
Woadmans Arms Cambs45Rileys Ipswich Suff
Legends 'O' Essex54Mr Pools XL Essex
Court Whiz Kids Cambs51Rodney's Head Kent
The Sportsman Lincs15Rat Pack A Herts
Moor Pool & Snooker W45Cannock Social A
Sovereign Snooker52Lyndale Eccles GMC
United Sports Bar NY45Elm Road WMC Durham
Round 2
Sat 10th May 5pm
RAFA A Cambs52The Winds A GMC
Frames X Surrey53Kennys Sports Bar
Fife St WMC Nuneaton45Mavericks A Kent
Regency Club BH Lincs15The Romany B Northants
Swindon Snooker25O'Donoghues Lon
Sportsman Social Club53The Four Musketeers
The Herald Bucks54Crawley Rugby Cl B
Top Spot Leics45Royal Exchange A
Mavericks B Kent53Folkstone Potters Kent
Hammersmith Club A35Court P & S Club B
Rileys Wreckheads05Hinckley Snooker Cl B
Crawley Rugby Club A45Drum & Monkey Dodds
Winchester Snker Leics35Deanos Dishers NorfolK
The Romany A Northants53Prince of Wales Potter
Sporting Club GMC52Spot-On Poppies
Windmill Norwich45Mr Pools A Essex
Norman Snooker Lancs50The Grapes Lancashire
Crown Inn Sussex35Monument B Kent
Blues Bar A Middlesex51ASC Lucky 7s Norfolk
Manor House Hotel B52Drum &Monkey Outsiders
Dog Inn Lancashire53The Cricketer Beds
Heath House A Norfolk50The Mermaid Hants
Rileys Wigan53GMT Legends Essex
Clarendon B Leics25Players Pool Lounge St
Locomotive Bashers51Royal Exchange C
Three Tun Monkeys54King Chance Norfolk
Pellon Social Club WY51Cue & Brew B Worcs
Rileys Rocks Norfolk52Shades NF Herts
Club 147 X Leics54The Black Bull Essex
Poets Corner W Mids50The Cue Masters Kent
Boston Snooker Centre35Rileys Rugby A Warks
Racks C Berks52Cue & Brew Worcs
Sat 10th May 6:30pm
Dunstable Snooker Q05Newark Cue Club Lincs
Clay Pigeon Essex15Pheonix Z Notts
Frames Surrey51AMC Leisure Sussex
C.S.S. JJJC Cambs05Les Dodd Sn C
Volunteer A Northants45Queen Charlotte Hants
Barnardiston Arms25Three Club Sussex
Stow Snooker Centre35Cueball Derbyshire
Grantham S & P Club25Plaza Snooker & Pool D
Q Ball Sports Essex52Avon Mill A Warks
Boot & Shoe Leics45Spots and Stripes 2
Houghton Misfits Beds05The Eagle Hockham B
Rileys Devils Norwich52The Blackbull Cambs
Wooton WMC Northants25Pewter Pot A S Yorks
Shades A Hertfordshire15Frying Pan W Mids
Rileys XL Worcester52Volunteer XX Northants
Temple Bar Norfolk54Emley Moor WMC WY
Mexborough Athletic Cl15Phoenix One Notts
First Break Snooker35Coopers WGW Northants
Phoenix Elite Notts51Corby S & P Club
Wykin Social Club05The County A W'hall W
Cambridge Snooker C51Crown Old Hill W Mids
Drum & Monkey TJs15Three Crowns Bristol
The Pewter Pot B S45Surbiton Sports Surrey
Sportsman X Essex35Merley Social Club
Rileys Wrong Uns Worcs45Keith Davis Cue Sports
Basford Hall MW Notts15Rileys Ipswich Suff
Wykin Social Club B15Legends 'O' Essex
Lord Nelson B S Yorks15Court Whiz Kids Cambs
Rileys Scunthorpe B15Rat Pack A Herts
Phoenix Reds Notts52Cannock Social A
Rileys Scunthorpe A35Sovereign Snooker
Spot On Notts A Notts52Elm Road WMC Durham
Round 3
Sat 10th May 8pm
RAFA A Cambs53Frames X Surrey
Mavericks A Kent45The Romany B Northants
O'Donoghues Lon52Sportsman Social Club
The Herald Bucks54Royal Exchange A
Mavericks B Kent35Court P & S Club B
Hinckley Snooker Cl B45Drum & Monkey Dodds
Deanos Dishers NorfolK45The Romany A Northants
Sporting Club GMC45Mr Pools A Essex
Norman Snooker Lancs25Monument B Kent
Blues Bar A Middlesex54Manor House Hotel B
Dog Inn Lancashire53Heath House A Norfolk
Rileys Wigan45Players Pool Lounge St
Locomotive Bashers54Three Tun Monkeys
Pellon Social Club WY25Rileys Rocks Norfolk
Club 147 X Leics51Poets Corner W Mids
Rileys Rugby A Warks35Racks C Berks
Newark Cue Club Lincs54Pheonix Z Notts
Frames Surrey15Les Dodd Sn C
Queen Charlotte Hants51Three Club Sussex
Cueball Derbyshire05Plaza Snooker & Pool D
Q Ball Sports Essex35Spots and Stripes 2
The Eagle Hockham B15Rileys Devils Norwich
Pewter Pot A S Yorks25Frying Pan W Mids
Rileys XL Worcester50Temple Bar Norfolk
Phoenix One Notts25Coopers WGW Northants
Phoenix Elite Notts15The County A W'hall W
Cambridge Snooker C35Three Crowns Bristol
Surbiton Sports Surrey25Merley Social Club
Keith Davis Cue Sports15Rileys Ipswich Suff
Legends 'O' Essex51Court Whiz Kids Cambs
Rat Pack A Herts52Phoenix Reds Notts
Sovereign Snooker51Spot On Notts A Notts
Last 32
Sat 10th May 9:30pm
RAFA A Cambs45The Romany B Northants
O'Donoghues Lon52The Herald Bucks
Court P & S Club B52Drum & Monkey Dodds
The Romany A Northants35Mr Pools A Essex
Monument B Kent53Blues Bar A Middlesex
Dog Inn Lancashire35Players Pool Lounge St
Locomotive Bashers53Rileys Rocks Norfolk
Club 147 X Leics51Racks C Berks
Newark Cue Club Lincs52Les Dodd Sn C
Queen Charlotte Hants35Plaza Snooker & Pool D
Spots and Stripes 254Rileys Devils Norwich
Frying Pan W Mids35Rileys XL Worcester
Coopers WGW Northants15The County A W'hall W
Three Crowns Bristol53Merley Social Club
Rileys Ipswich Suff52Legends 'O' Essex
Rat Pack A Herts52Sovereign Snooker
Last 16
Sun 11th May 9am
The Romany B Northants15O'Donoghues Lon
Court P & S Club B54Mr Pools A Essex
Monument B Kent15Players Pool Lounge St
Locomotive Bashers25Club 147 X Leics
Newark Cue Club Lincs15Plaza Snooker & Pool D
Spots and Stripes 225Rileys XL Worcester
The County A W'hall W53Three Crowns Bristol
Rileys Ipswich Suff53Rat Pack A Herts
Quarter Final
Sun 11th May 10:30am
O'Donoghues Lon15Court P & S Club B
Players Pool Lounge St15Club 147 X Leics
Plaza Snooker & Pool D35Rileys XL Worcester
The County A W'hall W53Rileys Ipswich Suff
Semi Final
Sun 11th May 12pm
Court P & S Club B54Club 147 X Leics
Rileys XL Worcester53The County A W'hall W
Sun 11th May 1:30pm
Court P & S Club B35Rileys XL Worcester
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Image 1
Golden Cue Winners 2014 - Rileys XL Worcester
Image 2
Golden Cue Runners Up 2014 - Court Pool and Snooker Club B
Image 3
Golden Cue Semi Finalists 2014 - The County A Willenhall
Image 4
Golden Cue Semi Finalists 2014 - Club 147 X Leics
Image 5
Golden Cue Singles Winner - Ian Kettel
Image 6
Golden Cue Singles Runner Up - Martyn Curston
Image 7
Golden Cue Singles Semi Finalist - Dave Belcher
Image 8
Golden Cue Singles Semi Finalist - Ben Clark


Another large number of players assembled at Vauxhall Holiday Park for the 2014 Golden Cue 3 Man Team event.

318 teams had booked in but one or two were not in a fit state to play Saturday Morning. In the preliminary round Lyndale Pool & Snooker just edged out The County A (East Yorks) thanks to Daz Tomlinson winning the final frame. Emley Moor WMC went 2-0 up against the Globe A but found themselves 4-2 down before winning the last three frames for a 5-4 win. Another deciding frame win went to Compasses A (Beds) over Pheonix on Fire (Notts) where Mark Price won the decider.

Moor Pool & Snooker won the final two frames to see off Sportsman Elite (Lincs), United Sports Bar another 5-4 winner over Smokies A. It was noted there were several very good teams in the competition this year and Paul Balston secured a 5-4 win for Plaza Snooker & Pool from Devon against Hinckley Snooker Club

Round 1

Into round one, Fife Street WMC won the last two frames to beat Bailiffs Sergeant (Kent). Tem Dixon, Gavin Lomax and Dave Wileman from Top Spot (Leicester) beat Mark Woodward, Andrew Tobin and Jake Newlove from Riley's Underdogs (Hull) 5-3. Hammersmith Club A found themselves 4-1 down to Hillingdon British Legion before taking the final four frames to progress to round two. Scott Jordan, Daniel Reynolds and Ashley Sagnella from Three Tun Monkeys saw off a very strong Jordans A (Kent) with Ian Hubbard, Willie Anderson and Jamie Swayland 5-4. Riley's Wreckheads (Norwich) beat Triple J's (Wiltshire) 5-1. Club 147 X the winners for the last two years beat Cannock Social B 5-3. Riley's Rugby B went 4-2 ahead before losing the final three frames to Riley's Rocks (Norfolk). Normans Snooker (Lancs) won the last two frames to beat The Willow B (Leics) 5-4. Crown Inn (Sussex) were 4-1 down before taking the last four to edge through 5-4. Blues Bar A (Middlesex) won the final three frames to win 5-4 against Corn Exchange A (Derby).

Mick Gormley, Nick Gray and Rich Gormley from Spot on Poppies whitewashed Coopers LJB (Northants), as did Michael Hope, Tom Kennedy and Rob McGowan Frames (Surrey) against Lady Jane A (Leics). Terry Billingham won the final frame for Wooton WMC (Northants) against Queen Charlotte QCC's. Riley's XL (Worcester) lost the first three frames but fought back to win 5-4 against Legends Players (Essex). Riley's (Scunthorpe) also won 5-4 against Riley's (Nottingham). A very strong Mexborough Athletic Club with Gavin Preskey, Lee Smith, and Martin Hazell beat RAFA Club X (Cambs) 5-1. Legends O (Essex) were 4-1 down but won the next four to go through 5-4. Sam Jeffrey had to win the final frame for Riley's (Ipswich) to beat Woadmans Arms (Wisbech). Spots & Stripes 2 won the last two frames to beat Arms Leftovers (Hampshire). Ian Ali, Rob Southey, and Neil Toms from Rat Pack A (Herts) had a comfortable win against the Sportsman (Lincs) 5-1. The Eagle Hockham B whitewashed Riley's A (Worcs) as did Pewter Pot A (S.Yorks) over Cue & Brew Sambuca.

Steve Petty, Jack Smithers and Steve Chambers from Surbiton Sports (Surrey) beat Glen McKay, Vince Ley and Terry Stevenson, Saxon Hotel (S. Yorks) 5-1. Paul Armstrong, Elm Road WMC (Durham) won the decider against United Sports Bar and Cannock Social A had to win the final two frames to beat Moor Pool & Snooker 5-4. Keith Brewer won the decider for Merley Social Club to beat Pot Black A (Suffolk). Sam Boome, Jamie Stokes and Ben Bushby, Court Whiz Kids (Cambs) beat Rodney's Head (Kent) 5-1.

Round 2

Into Round two, The Romany A (Northants) beat Prince of Wales Potters 5-3. Darren Sadler won the decider for Mr Pools A (Essex) to beat The Windmill (Norwich). Hinckley Snooker B beat Riley's Wreckheads 5-0. Riley's (Wigan) saw off GMT Legends (Essex) 5-3. Liam White, Darren Lightfoot and Lee Kendall of Players Pool Lounge beat Darren Pateman, Darren Henton and Anthony Tedds 5-2. Tom Cousins, Garry Mehmet and Nigel James of King Chance (Norfolk) lost 5-4 to Three Tun Monkeys. The Herald (Bucks) edged through 5-4 against Crawley Rugby B.

Top spot (Leics) lost 5-4 to Royal Exchange A. Last years champions needed to win the final two frames against The Black Bull (Essex). Mavericks A (Kent) beat Fife St WMC 5-4and their B team beat Folkstone Potters 5-3. Gary and Alex Matthews and Dave Biseker of Romany B (Northants) beat Regency Club (Lincs) 5-1. Drum & Monkey Dodds edged out Crawley Rugby 5-4. Jason Bates, Carl Rowe and Jules Goodyear whitewashed Dunstable Snooker Q.

Pete Wright, John Strange and Steven Simpson of Pheonix Z (Notts) beat Clay Pigeon (Essex) 5-1 and Frames (Surrey) beat AMC Leisure (Sussex) by the same score. Queen Charlotte pulled back from 4-1 down to win the final four against Volunteer A (Northants). Craig Bousefield, Mick Ruane and Jamie Pegg of Cueball (Derby) beat Stow Snooker 5-3. Joe Flaherty, Aiden Finch and Jon Runghen of Q Ball Sports (Essex) beat Avon Mill A 5-2.

Dan Baker won the decider for Spots & Stripes 2 against Boot & Shoe (Leics). Kevin Ellis, Wayne Sheridan and Aaron Howard of Riley's Devils beat the Black Bull 5-2. Rob Hill, Darren Price and Jed Thompson of Legends O (Essex) beat Wykin S.C. B 5-1. Daz Cheetham, Lee Denman, and Mark Berriman of Pewter Pot A beat Wooton WMC 5-2.

Frying Pan (West Mids) beat Shades A (Herts) 5-1. Andy Matless and Steve Barber won the last two frames to see Temple Bar through against Emley Moor WMC. Pheonix Reds won 5-2 and Pheonix One won 5-1 to progress to round three. Coopers WGW (Northants) beat First Break Snooker 5-3. Richie Foxall, Shaun Eaton-Lees and Kev Cresswell of The County A (Willenhall) whitewashed Wykin Social Club.

Michael O'Boyle, Simon Rivers, and Paul Stelmazsuk Cambridge Snooker Centre beat Crown Old Hill (West Mids) 5-1. Surbiton Sports beat Pewter Pot B 5-4. Glen Hannibal, Stuart McPherson and James Griffin RAFA A (Cambs) beat Frames X (Surrey) 5-3. Sovereign Snooker beat Spot on Notts A 5-1. John Roe, Lloyd Robinson and Darren Hope of Court P&S Club B beat Mavericks B (Kent) 5-3 and Riley's XL whitewashed Temple Bar. Drum & Monkey Dodds edged out Hinckley Snooker B 5-4 and the Romany A beat Deano's Dishers by the same score. Another 5-4 saw Mr Pools A beat Sporting Club (GMC). Rat Pack A beat Pheonix Reds 5-2. Chris Kinsella, Mick Ferguson and Charlie Farley of Blues Bar A beat Manor House Hotel B 5-4. Players Pool lounge won the last three frames to beat Riley's (Wigan) 5-4. Gaz Davies won the deciding frame for Locomotive Bashers against Three Tun Monkeys.

Riley's Rocks won 5-2 against Pellon Social Club (West Yorks). Racks C (Berks) beat Riley's Rugby A 5-3. Newark Cue Club beat Pheonix Z 5-4. Les Dodd Snooker C beat Frames (Surrey) 5-1. Ben Flack, Greg Gamlin and Shane Thompson of Three Crowns (Bristol) beat Cambridge Snooker Centre 5-3. Legends O (Essex) beat Court Whiz Kids 5-1.

Last 32

In the last 32, Three Crowns beat Merley Social 5-3. Richard Twomey, Karl Sutton and Sam Jeffrey beat Legends O 5-2. The County A (Willenhall) beat Coopers WGW 5-1. Dave Biseker won the final frame for Romany B to beat RAFA A 5-4. Monument B beat Blues Bar A 5-3. O'Donoghues (London) beat The Herald 5-2. Plaza Snooker & Pool beat Queen Charlotte 5-3. Riley's XL beat Frying Pan 5-3. Club 147 X won 5-1 against Racks C. Players Pool Lounge beat Dog Inn 5-3. Spots & Stripes 2 won the last two frames to beat Riley's Devils 5-4. Locomotive Bashers beat Riley's Rocks 5-3. Court P & S B won 5-2 against Drum & Monkey Dodds. Mr Pools A saw off Romany a 5-3 and Newark Cue Club beat Les Dodd C 5-2. Rat Pack beat Sovereign Snooker by the same score.

Last 16

In the last Sixteen, Riley's Ipswich were too good for the Rat Pack winning 5-3. O'Donoghues had an easy 5-1 victory over Romany B, and Players Pool Lounge beat Monument B by the same score. John Roe won the final frame for a 5-4 win over Mr Pools A. Club 147 X eased through 5-2 against Locomotive Bashers and Plaza Snooler had a comfortable 5-1 win over Newark Cue Club. Riley's XL beat Spots & Stripes 5-2 and The County A (Willenhall) beat the Three Crowns 5-3.

Quarter Finals

Quarter Finals - Riley's XL won four in a row to beat Plaza Snooker & Pool. The County A beat Riley's (Ipswich) 5-3. Court P & S B had a comfortable 5-1 win over O'Donoghues and Club 147 X beat Players by the same score.

Semi Finals

In the semis, Riley's, through Andy Jones, Scott Surridge, and Chris McGee went 3-0 up, and although The County A won three of the next four, could not prevent Riley's winning 5-3. The other semi saw the Court go 4-1 ahead, but Club 147 fought back by winning the next three but Lloyd Robinson held his nerve to knock out the champions 5-4.


The Final - Andy Jones put Riley's 1-0 up, but Darren Hope levelled, Scott Surridge won the next for Riley's but again John Roe levelled. Surridge won the next only for Lloyd Robinson to level. On came Jones to put Riley's in front again and then Surridge came on to win his third frame, and the title for Riley's XL (Worcester).


In the Golden Cue Singles there was a bumper entry, and it was Ian Kettel from (Chatham) who lifted the title when he beat Martyn Curston (Norwich) 5-0 in the final. Curston had beaten Ben Clark (Braintree) in the semi's, and Kettel had beaten Dave Belcher (Chelmsford).


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