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Golden Cue - 2017

Golden Cue


Sat 6th May 8am

United Sports Bar N Y51Broadleys Herefordshre
The Antigallican05Kennys Sportsbar Staff
Cue & Brew Young Guns25DSCCrazygolfers Beds
Hedingham S & S Club53Hillbillies G.M.C.
First Break DA Leics05Lucky Kiss F Staffs
Merlins50Coopers A Northants
Nachos with Cheese WM53The Cricketers Hamps
Sunderland St Sp Club50The Eagles Maidstone
Wheelwright Arms A RF45Poolkatz Somerset
JPs Harlow Essex53Lennons P&S S Y
Reg Devils Merseyside50Cue & Brew Sambuca
Cue & Brew DS Worcs52Blind Bs London
RAFA Club A Cambs45Witney Snooker Club
Club Langley Surrey51Awww Mates Suffolk
The Bulls Head A Cambs15Racks on Fire Berks
Breaks 2 Staffs35Barny Arms Whisperers
Windmill Potters53Avon Mill GIMP Warks
Lucky Kiss D Staffs52M, M, & Martin Kent
147 A Huntingdon Cambs45New Vauxhall Victors
The Grapes Lancs05Coopers B Northants
Lucky Kiss H Staffs51Big Ts Cues Beds
USSR London05Institute A Staffs
Braintrees Finest53Bournemouth East C C
Greyfriars Shafters15SN Hyde Park Cambs
Diss Cue Club AH05Folkestone A Kent
Attleborough SC Robins35Woadmans Arms Cambs
Rileys Wolverhampton50Court LTR Cambs
2 & a Half men Beds51G.B.& the Ugly Two
Sovereign Snooker52Midland ADerbys
Fulbourne Longshots51The Everard Arms
Shades MH HertS45Levin Old Boys Kent
Three ways Suffolk25Eltham Terrace Club

Sat 6th May 9:30am

Globe Hotel Tyne&Wear50JPs Essex
The Three Lions Worcs25Greyfriars Underdogs
Players P & S A Staffs52Spectrum Academy Dorst
Dove from Above Bucks50Clay Pigeon Misfits
Racks Pool Club VVSV45Midland Snooker D E L
Lanterns Kent53Romney Marsh DC Kent
Wingfield Beds05The Travellers Ches
Poke & Hope London54Gardeners B Essex
Spot-On Select54The Eagles Norfolk
Greyfriars Dons Beds51Rushden A Club B
Lanterns A Kent54Windmill Charlies
Rileys SB Berkshire05Leek Elite
Diss Greyhound A51G8BS Kent
Avon Mill C Warks53The Town House Cambs
Heath House Real Aye15Dinnington Bashers S Y
Smoking Potters Staffs50Rays a Hut Beds
Manor Club A Suffolk50Attention all Pockets
The Star LL London05The Flying Scotsman
Lucky Kiss Z Staffs53Pot Black Exiles Suff
Rochdale Cowboys Lancs50The Stute Leics
Rays A Cant Beds25All Sports Bar Cyprus
The Tern B Bristol52Simons Angels Norfolk
Rays 3 Some Hertfs35Roundabout Club Beds
Cambridge S C PS Cambs25Queen Charlotte 1-1-1
Windmill Wanderers54D S C Snooker Club
Bunch O Misfits Kent45URRRRRRRR Essex
CSC Ballers Cambs25The Royal Standard A
Oxford Elite Oxon50Falconwood SES London
Cabin End Lancs50The Ole Goats Norfolk
MSC Gamblers Kent52The Three Tunns Suff
Royal Sports Bar Wilts50Lord Protector B Cambs
Cambridge 17 Cambs51SpotsC Kent

Round 1

Sat 6th May 11am

Frames Reigate A50Team Stumble Notts
Sailors Csd Suffolk25Rileys Worcester Worcs
W.E.A.F. the MRS Kent50The Conny Leics
Britannia Essex45The Keymaster W.Mids
Midland Hotel B Derbys25Trickys Trio Sussex
Court Golden Cambs35Allstars Sports Bar A
William V Bar A Norflk25Cannock Social A
Redhouse Leics05Lanterns Rejects Kent
History Makers51Outsiders Suffolk
Court Dbs Cambs54Phoenix Flyers Notts
Racks Rejects Berks25Windmill Wannabes
AMC Leisure C Sussex52Willow Inn Leics
Rileys Legends Norwich53The Bush Inn W.Mids
Boston Snooker Lincs05Court P & S Club B
Sovereign Snooker AF05Golden Hind Suffolk
MSC Bandits Kent53Wykin Warriors Leics
3s a Crowd Worcs15ASC Lions Norfolk
Club 147 OW Leics35Corner Pin London
Rileys Devils Norwich50The Maple Leaf Worcs
Rays on the Pool Beds15Rileys Nottingham
Coal & Dist Con Club A35Unnecessary side Cambs
Suffolk Punch A to Zed15Smugglers Inn Kent
Breakers B Notts05Spots & Stripes NS
Rays Fudgers Beds35Linford B Leics
Maidstone S C Qs Kent253 Tun Monkeys Suffolk
Lady Jane WJN Leics50Hartwell Club Nrthants
Hockham Eagle Norfolk25Telegraph Vaults Shrop
Boys on Tour Lincs50Coopers Troopers
Cambridge B side Cambs52Cannock Social B
Oralle P&S Oxon54Notts Magpies Notts
Lucky Kiss T Staffs51Rileys Norwich AM
3D1C Notts51Avon Mill A Warks

Sat 6th May 12:30pm

Corporation Club52Plazza Potters Staffs
Club 147 Hotshots Leic50The Unluckies Kent
The Bernards Kent15Court Cops Cambs
Fulbourn Insitute Camb45All Stars JR Somerset
Royal Standard Z Surr15AMC Leisure A Sussex
The Miners Arms Surrey25Diss Cue Club Exiles
Lucky Kiss A Staffs35Castle 2 Sussex
Maidstone Snooker B15Tudor Rose Suffolk
Chaulk is Cheap Essex35Jaxx Q ClubDerbys
1904@Dean Clough W Y52The Clarendon B Leics
Diss Cue Club ML25Red House C Leics
Wheelwright Arms B CS15Folkestone Snooker X
Romney A Kent53Rays Place Beds
Friday Night Bucks45Windmill Fistpump
Plaza Boys Staffs54Club Replay Cheshire
The Chiswick Club54Legends CR Essex
Barny Bashers Suffolk05Rushden A Club A
The Maple Men Worcs53Hillingdon Ringers
Diss Greyhound B53The Woolpack Suffolk
Legends LN Essex35Witney Snooker Oxon
RAFA Club Cambs54147 Snooker Wiltshire
3 Men & a Baby Worcs35The Liberal Club Beds
Club Young Guns Leics51Franks Hertfordshire
Late Lounge G.M.C.45Golden Cue P & S WMids
Corby Ex-Servicemans25Barny Arms Kippers
Lucky Kiss SB Cornwall25Oast Lounge X Cambs
Lucky Kiss J Staffs15Top Spot 97 Leics
Tern A Bristol25R.B.L. Stowmarket
Club 147 DW Leics51Pineapple Inn A Lancs
Avon Mill B Warks15Volunteer A Northants
Greyfriars A RT Beds35The Club Notts
Music Room CP Suffolk54Linford A Leics

Sat 6th May 2pm

The Clarendon A Leics05AMC Leisure B Sussex
Reprovates Essex54Ivy Leaf Club Beds
William V Bar B Norflk53Tree Tik Miks Beds
Sun Valley Phoenix53Drake Bishers Suffolk
Seven Wives C Mc Cambs52Bacada W.Mids
Different Strokes Beds53Unwin Social Club A
Churchills B Kent35The Oast Lounge Cambs
Moorends Hotel A S Y51Diss Cue Club Stllions
Clay Pigeon A Essex51Haigs Hotshots Ches
Greyfriars No Angels05147 Potters Leics
The Court A Cambs45Essex Young Guns Essex
Club 147 GR Leics15Rileys Snakes Norfolk
Been Tangod Cambs51The Strad S Y
The Boro Boys Lincs52Tudor Rose A Suffolk
Pick Pockets A London05Jolly Carter G.M.C.
Hazelwood 8 Ball Staff51Basford Hall Massive
Heath House A Norfolk05County A Willenhall
Draymans Arms Lincs52ASC Falcons Norfolk
Nuggets Suffolk35Hinckley Snookr Club B
Kings Head Blofield25Greyfriars 45ers Beds
Breakers A Notts25Crawley Rugby Club AM
GMT Legends Essex35D, D, & Dave Kent
Earl Grey S Y35Court & Dropped Cambs
Hammersmith Club A45Slim Jims Northants
Gardeners A Essex15The Numpties
Melton Snooker Club A05Franks A Hertfordshire
Spot on Misfits15Legends Cats Essex
Lord Protector A Cambs54Steelers Sports Bar SY
Stapleford Cue Club25Three Tuns Spuds Suff
Rathmore PM Cambs35Hazelwood House Staffs
C & D Con Club B Leics35Haverhill Ex-Services
The Black Bull B Essex53Notts Crusaders Notts

Sat 6th May 3:30pm

United Sports Bar N Y15Cambridge 17 Cambs
Kennys Sportsbar Staff35Royal Sports Bar Wilts
DSCCrazygolfers Beds45MSC Gamblers Kent
Hedingham S & S Club45Cabin End Lancs
Lucky Kiss F Staffs45Oxford Elite Oxon
Merlins53The Royal Standard A
Nachos with Cheese WM50URRRRRRRR Essex
Sunderland St Sp Club45Windmill Wanderers
Poolkatz Somerset35Queen Charlotte 1-1-1
JPs Harlow Essex15Roundabout Club Beds
Reg Devils Merseyside25The Tern B Bristol
Cue & Brew DS Worcs15All Sports Bar Cyprus
Witney Snooker Club54Rochdale Cowboys Lancs
Club Langley Surrey35Lucky Kiss Z Staffs
Racks on Fire Berks50The Flying Scotsman
Barny Arms Whisperers15Manor Club A Suffolk
Windmill Potters53Smoking Potters Staffs
Lucky Kiss D Staffs25Dinnington Bashers S Y
New Vauxhall Victors15Avon Mill C Warks
Coopers B Northants50Diss Greyhound A
Lucky Kiss H Staffs35Leek Elite
Institute A Staffs53Lanterns A Kent
Braintrees Finest50Greyfriars Dons Beds
SN Hyde Park Cambs25Spot-On Select
Folkestone A Kent25Poke & Hope London
Woadmans Arms Cambs53The Travellers Ches
Rileys Wolverhampton45Lanterns Kent
2 & a Half men Beds25Midland Snooker D E L
Sovereign Snooker51Dove from Above Bucks
Fulbourne Longshots15Players P & S A Staffs
Levin Old Boys Kent35Greyfriars Underdogs
Eltham Terrace Club25Globe Hotel Tyne&Wear

Round 2

Sat 6th May 5pm

Frames Reigate A52Corporation Club
Rileys Worcester Worcs53Club 147 Hotshots Leic
W.E.A.F. the MRS Kent45Court Cops Cambs
The Keymaster W.Mids54All Stars JR Somerset
Trickys Trio Sussex45AMC Leisure A Sussex
Allstars Sports Bar A52Diss Cue Club Exiles
Cannock Social A15Castle 2 Sussex
Lanterns Rejects Kent52Tudor Rose Suffolk
History Makers35Jaxx Q ClubDerbys
Court Dbs Cambs541904@Dean Clough W Y
Windmill Wannabes05Red House C Leics
AMC Leisure C Sussex45Folkestone Snooker X
Rileys Legends Norwich05Romney A Kent
Court P & S Club B50Windmill Fistpump
Golden Hind Suffolk54Plaza Boys Staffs
MSC Bandits Kent45The Chiswick Club
ASC Lions Norfolk53Rushden A Club A
Corner Pin London45The Maple Men Worcs
Rileys Devils Norwich52Diss Greyhound B
Rileys Nottingham25Witney Snooker Oxon
Unnecessary side Cambs53RAFA Club Cambs
Smugglers Inn Kent50The Liberal Club Beds
Spots & Stripes NS50Club Young Guns Leics
Linford B Leics45Golden Cue P & S WMids
3 Tun Monkeys Suffolk54Barny Arms Kippers
Lady Jane WJN Leics25Oast Lounge X Cambs
Telegraph Vaults Shrop35Top Spot 97 Leics
Boys on Tour Lincs25R.B.L. Stowmarket
Cambridge B side Cambs51Club 147 DW Leics
Oralle P&S Oxon25Volunteer A Northants
Lucky Kiss T Staffs53The Club Notts
3D1C Notts52Music Room CP Suffolk

Sat 6th May 6:30pm

AMC Leisure B Sussex15Cambridge 17 Cambs
Reprovates Essex15Royal Sports Bar Wilts
William V Bar B Norflk52MSC Gamblers Kent
Sun Valley Phoenix35Cabin End Lancs
Seven Wives C Mc Cambs52Oxford Elite Oxon
Different Strokes Beds45Merlins
The Oast Lounge Cambs45Nachos with Cheese WM
Moorends Hotel A S Y45Windmill Wanderers
Clay Pigeon A Essex05Queen Charlotte 1-1-1
147 Potters Leics25Roundabout Club Beds
Essex Young Guns Essex53The Tern B Bristol
Rileys Snakes Norfolk51All Sports Bar Cyprus
Been Tangod Cambs51Witney Snooker Club
The Boro Boys Lincs50Lucky Kiss Z Staffs
Jolly Carter G.M.C.25Racks on Fire Berks
Hazelwood 8 Ball Staff54Manor Club A Suffolk
County A Willenhall45Windmill Potters
Draymans Arms Lincs45Dinnington Bashers S Y
Hinckley Snookr Club B45Avon Mill C Warks
Greyfriars 45ers Beds15Coopers B Northants
Crawley Rugby Club AM45Leek Elite
D, D, & Dave Kent15Institute A Staffs
Court & Dropped Cambs35Braintrees Finest
Slim Jims Northants45Spot-On Select
The Numpties54Poke & Hope London
Franks A Hertfordshire45Woadmans Arms Cambs
Legends Cats Essex15Lanterns Kent
Lord Protector A Cambs15Midland Snooker D E L
Three Tuns Spuds Suff15Sovereign Snooker
Hazelwood House Staffs05Players P & S A Staffs
Haverhill Ex-Services25Greyfriars Underdogs
The Black Bull B Essex54Globe Hotel Tyne&Wear

Round 3

Sat 6th May 8pm

Frames Reigate A35Rileys Worcester Worcs
Court Cops Cambs05The Keymaster W.Mids
AMC Leisure A Sussex50Allstars Sports Bar A
Castle 2 Sussex45Lanterns Rejects Kent
Jaxx Q ClubDerbys51Court Dbs Cambs
Red House C Leics45Folkestone Snooker X
Romney A Kent35Court P & S Club B
Golden Hind Suffolk05The Chiswick Club
ASC Lions Norfolk15The Maple Men Worcs
Rileys Devils Norwich15Witney Snooker Oxon
Unnecessary side Cambs53Smugglers Inn Kent
Spots & Stripes NS45Golden Cue P & S WMids
3 Tun Monkeys Suffolk54Oast Lounge X Cambs
Top Spot 97 Leics45R.B.L. Stowmarket
Cambridge B side Cambs53Volunteer A Northants
Lucky Kiss T Staffs253D1C Notts
Cambridge 17 Cambs50Royal Sports Bar Wilts
William V Bar B Norflk54Cabin End Lancs
Seven Wives C Mc Cambs25Merlins
Nachos with Cheese WM54Windmill Wanderers
Queen Charlotte 1-1-151Roundabout Club Beds
Essex Young Guns Essex52Rileys Snakes Norfolk
Been Tangod Cambs52The Boro Boys Lincs
Racks on Fire Berks52Hazelwood 8 Ball Staff
Windmill Potters15Dinnington Bashers S Y
Avon Mill C Warks15Coopers B Northants
Leek Elite25Institute A Staffs
Braintrees Finest50Spot-On Select
The Numpties54Woadmans Arms Cambs
Lanterns Kent35Midland Snooker D E L
Sovereign Snooker15Players P & S A Staffs
Greyfriars Underdogs51The Black Bull B Essex

Last 32

Sat 6th May 9:30pm

Rileys Worcester Worcs25The Keymaster W.Mids
AMC Leisure A Sussex15Lanterns Rejects Kent
Jaxx Q ClubDerbys53Folkestone Snooker X
Court P & S Club B53The Chiswick Club
The Maple Men Worcs25Witney Snooker Oxon
Unnecessary side Cambs25Golden Cue P & S WMids
3 Tun Monkeys Suffolk54R.B.L. Stowmarket
Cambridge B side Cambs533D1C Notts
Cambridge 17 Cambs52William V Bar B Norflk
Merlins52Nachos with Cheese WM
Queen Charlotte 1-1-152Essex Young Guns Essex
Been Tangod Cambs54Racks on Fire Berks
Dinnington Bashers S Y54Coopers B Northants
Institute A Staffs25Braintrees Finest
The Numpties35Midland Snooker D E L
Players P & S A Staffs52Greyfriars Underdogs

Last 16

Sun 7th May 9am

The Keymaster W.Mids15Lanterns Rejects Kent
Jaxx Q ClubDerbys25Court P & S Club B
Witney Snooker Oxon25Golden Cue P & S WMids
3 Tun Monkeys Suffolk45Cambridge B side Cambs
Cambridge 17 Cambs45Merlins
Queen Charlotte 1-1-154Been Tangod Cambs
Dinnington Bashers S Y50Braintrees Finest
Midland Snooker D E L54Players P & S A Staffs

Quarter Final

Sun 7th May 10:30am

Lanterns Rejects Kent51Court P & S Club B
Golden Cue P & S WMids35Cambridge B side Cambs
Merlins15Queen Charlotte 1-1-1
Dinnington Bashers S Y54Midland Snooker D E L

Semi Final

Sun 7th May 12pm

Lanterns Rejects Kent05Cambridge B side Cambs
Queen Charlotte 1-1-154Dinnington Bashers S Y


Sun 7th May 1:30pm

Cambridge B side Cambs51Queen Charlotte 1-1-1

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Image 1
Golden Cue Winners 2017 - Cambridge B Side Cambs
Image 2
Golden Cue Runners Up 2017 - Queen Charlotte 1-1-1
Image 3
Golden Cue Semi Finalists 2017 - Dinnington Bashers S Y
Image 4
Golden Cue Semi Finalists 2017 - Lanterns Rejects Kent
Image 5
Golden Cue Singles Winner - Sam Boome
Image 6
Golden Cue Singles Runner Up - Ian Fountain
Image 7
Golden Cue Singles Semi Finalist - Paul Stelmazuk
Image 8
Golden Cue Singles Semi Finalist - Ashley Troath



Nearly twelve hundred pool players headed for Vauxhall Holiday Park for the Golden Cue 3 Man Team event.

In the preliminary round which began nice and early with Hedingham S&S Club beating Hillbillies from GMC 5-3, Nachos with Cheese had a similar win over The Cricketers. Poolkatz (Somerset) went 4-0 up, but Wheelwright Arms won the next four to level, but Julie Chedzoy won the deciding frame for Poolkatz to put them through to the next round. Another close match saw Stuart Griffin win the deciding game for Witney Snooker Club against RAFA Club A (Cambs), Greg Dorsett won the decider for New Vauxhall Victors against 147 A Huntingdon, and Richard Webb won the final frame for Levin Old Boys (Kent) against Shades MH (Herts). Midland Snooker DEL were 4-2 down before Lee Washbrook, Dan Eaton-Lees, and Pat Ward won the last three frames to snatch victory. Joe Slaughter was another who won a deciding frame for Poke & Hope against Gardeners B, Spot on Select had to be pleased to see Rich Gormley win the last game to beat the Eagles (Norfolk). Louis Carr won the decider for URRRRRRRR (Essex) against Bunch O Misfits (Kent), another match that went all the way as Wayne Browne and Spencer Daniels won the final two frames for Windmill Wanderers against DSC Snooker Club.

In Round one heat one Beckie Watkins won the last frame for Court DBS against Pheonix Flyers, 3 Tun Monkeys (Suffolk) beat Maidstone S.C. Q's (Kent) 5-2,and Windmill Wannabes had a similar win over Racks Rejects (Berks). AMC Leisure C (Sussex) also won 5-2 against Willow Inn (Leics), David Harrison, Kevin Kavanagh, and John Bailey Riley's Legends beat Steven, Simon, and David Ward from The Bush Inn 5-3. Rupert Ward, Alex Lawrence, and Bruno Silva from the Corner Pin (London) won 5-3 against Lewis Mott, Oliver Wileman, and Ross Smith from Club 147 OW (Leics) Adam Brown, Ash Fletcher, and John Kinsey won the final three frames to pip Notts Magpies 5-4. Heat Two Alan Llewellyn, and James Ross took the final two frames for a 5-4 win for All Stars JR against Fulbourn Institute. Colin Crawford, Nick Crawford, and Jason Maynard Lucky Kiss A lost to Ben Welfare, Darren Welfare, and Ben Middleton from Castle 2 (Sussex), 5-3, Jaxx Q Club (Derby) had a similar win over Chalk is Cheap (Essex), The Club (Notts) also won 5-3 against Greyfriars A RT (Beds). Nick Shelton, and Steve Ellis from Music Room CP (Suffolk) won the final two frames to beat Linford A (Leics) 5-4, and Lee Smith, and Andy Pond won the last two for a 5-4 win for the Windmill Fistpump against Friday Night (Bucks). The Chiswick Club were 4-2 down before Steve Petty, Dan Baker and Guiseppe D'Imperio won the last three frames to scrape through 5-4. Simon Dodwell won the decider for RAFA CLUB against 147 Snooker (Wiltshire). Reprovates (Essex) found themselves 4-1 down before they won the last 4 frames against Ivy Leaf Club (Beds). Slim Jims (Northants) edged out Hammersmith Club A 5-4, Ian Greenaway and James King won the last two frames to beat The Court A for Essex Young Guns,

Into heat four where Royal Sports Bar (Wilts) beat Kenny's Sports Bar (Staffs) 5-3. Steve Wild won the decider for MSC Gamblers against DSC CrazyGolfers, and Kev Close won the decider for Cabin End to beat Hedingham S & S Club. Dave Pile was another final frame winner for Oxford Elite over Lucky Kiss F. Merlins were 3-1 down but won the next four frames for a 5-3 win over The Royal Standard A. Witney Snooker had to win the last three frames for a 5-4 win over Rochdale Cowboys. Windmill Potters beat the Smoking Potters 5-3, Barrie Hughes saw Lanterns (Kent) home 5-4 against Riley's (Wolverhampton).

Into Round two and Dan Reynolds won the decider for 3 Tun Monkeys from Suffolk against Barny Arms Kippers. Joe Haywood was another deciding frame winner for Court Cops (Cambs) over W.E.A.F. The MRS (Kent), The Keymaster (West Mids) were 4-2 down before winning the final three frames to go through 5-4. Greg Lewis and Dean Torode won the final two frames for AMC Leisure A to beat Trickys Trio in a Sussex local derby. Scott Surridge, Nathan Williams, and Wayne Lannie The Maple Men (Worcs) beat a strong Corner Pin (London) 5-4, Beckie Watkins won another decider for Court Dbs over 1904 @ Dean Clough.

AMC Leisure were 4-0 up against Folkstone Snooker X but lost the next five. Phil Cullingford and Crystal Buck won the final two frames for the Golden Hind against the Plaza Boys, and Dan Baker and Guiseppe D'Imperio did the same for The Chiswick Club over MSC Bandits (Kent). The Numpties brought in A. Dawes to win the deciding game against Poke & Hope. Ben Duffield also won the decider for Leek Elite against Crawley Rugby Club AM. Andrew Moore also won the deciding frame for Merlins (Great Yarmouth) over Different Strokes (Beds), Theo Morgan made it 5-4 to Nachos & Cheese WM against The Oast Lounge, Spencer Daniels made sure Windmill Wanderers went through against Moorends Hotel A 5-4, and their fellow team Windmill Potters after being 4-1 down fought back to win the final four frames. The Black Bull B (Essex) had to win the last three frames to beat Globe Hotel (Tyne & Wear) 5-4, John Waller won the final frame for Dinnington Bashers to beat Draymans Arms, Rich Gormley saw Spot On Select through 5-4 over Slim Jims.

Into the last 64 Rileys Worcester beat a strong Frames Reigate A 5-3, Braintree Finest whitewashed Spot on Select 5-0, Lanterns Rejects (Kent) thanked Steve Souter for winning the decider against Castle 2 (Sussex), Folkstone Snooker X had to win the last three frames to see off Red House C (Leics). Kevin Hannant and Jimmy Roberts won the final two frames for William IV Bar B against Cabin End for a 5-4 win, Golden Cue P & S were 4-1 down and fought back to win 5-4 against Spots & Stripes NS. Shaun Payne R.B.L. (Stowmarket) won the last frame to beat Top Spot 97 (Leics).

In the last 32 Been Tangoed (Cambs) won the final two frames to beat Racks on Fire (Berks) 5-4, Scott Jordan, and Dan Reynolds saw 3 Tun Monkeys through 5-4 against R.B.L. Stowmarket. In a big match Jon Roe, Darren Hope, and Lewis Roberts won 5-3 against Dan Baker, Guiseppe D'Imperio, and Steve Petty, Dinnington Bashers found themselves 4-2 down, but hit back to win the final three frames to win the match. Players P & S A beat Greyfriars Underdogs 5-2, and Golden Cue P & S had a similar win over Unnecessary Side (Cambs), Phil Harrison, Steve McCann, and Rich Wharton also won 5-2 against William IV Bar B.

In the last 16 Andrew Moore won the decider to beat Cambridge 17 5-4, Players P & S A (Staffs) with Adam Davis, Lee Kendall, and Liam White went 4-2 ahead, but Lee Washbrook, Dan Eaton-Lees, and Pat Ward from Midland Snooker D.E.L.won the last three frames to go through. Andy Bannan and Colin Harris had to win the final two frames to see Queen Charlotte 111 beat Been Tangoed 5-4, and Dom Cooney won the final frame for Cambridge B Side over 3 Tun Monkeys, Golden Cue P & S had a comfortable 5-2 win over Witney Snooker (Oxon), and Lanterns Rejects won 5-1 against The Keymaster, Court P & S Club B also won 5-2 over Jaxx Q Club (Derbys).

The quarter finals, and Mark Singleton won the deciding frame to put Dinnington Bashers into the semi-final beating Midland Snooker D.E.L. 5-4, Queen Charlotte beat local team Merlins 5-1, and Lanterns Rejects beat Court P & S Club B by the same score, and Cambridge B Side beat Golden Cue P & S 5-3.

In the semi-finals Queen Charlotte led 3-1, but Dinnington Bashers then won three in a row to lead 4-3, then Andy Bannan, and Colin Harris won the last two frames to put the Queen through to the final. The other semi was very one sided as Cambridge B Side whitewashed Lanterns Rejects.

In the final Michael O'Boyle and John Chapman won the first two frames for Cambridge, but Nick Roberts won the third frame for Queen Charlotte, but that was to be their only frame as O'Boyle, Chapman, and Dom Cooney won the next three frames for Cambridge B Side to become Golden Cue 3 Man Champions for 2017.


In the Singles competition there were some very well known names who had been beaten in the main event. With the last 32 commencing Sunday Morning, Andy O'Hara edged out Chris Day 3-2, Sam Boome beat Alex Molloy by the same score, Paul Stelmazuk beat Dave Hughes 3-1, Will Jeram beat Emma Cunningham by the same score. In the last 16 Boome beat O'Hara 3-1, Paul Jenner beat local player Andy Pond 3-2, Ian Fountain beat Tony Jackman by the same score.

In the quarter finals Ashley Troath beat Paul Jenner 4-3, and Boome beat Nick Evetts also 4-3, Stelmazuk whitewashed Jason Godbeer 4-0, and Fountain beat Jerram 4-3.

In the semis a very close match ended with Boome edging out Troath 4-3, and Fountain beat Stelmazuk 4-2.

In the final Boome won the first two frames, but Fountain then won the next four, Boome would not lay down, and hit back to win the last three frames to take the title 5-4.


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