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Golden Cue - 2018

Golden Cue


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Sat 8th December 9am

The Cue Masters Surrey51WWFC Shropshire
Rileys Chorlton GMC52The Workies Kent
Institute A Staffs51DSCCrazygolfers Beds
Cambridge Sn Centre G25Dove from Above Bucks
Beast Dorset51The Queen Charlotte A
Sheerness WMC Z Kent15Jaxx Q Club Derbyshire
Boys on Tour Lincs05Dinnington Bashers SY
The Grapes A Lancs52Prince of Wales Elite
The Maple Men Worcs52Rays Touching Cloth
Cams Cueists Cambs51Kings Arms Hotel Boltn
WJD Beds51Earl Grey S Yorks
Rocket Pockets Norfolk51Poolkatz Somerset
Bogs Dollox London50Unwin Social Club A
Commandos Leics15Racks Masters Berks
The Royal Standard A51Threes a Crowd Leics
Levin Club CG Kent50Golden Nuggets Suffolk
Romiley Js Lancs15Three Tun Suffolk
Resevior Dogs Norfolk15Romney A Kent
Royal Standard Z45Bears United Suffolk
William V Bar MK45Liberal Leaf Beds
Warner Arms Lancs52MSC Bandits Kent
3 Blokes with a Cue51IP14 Geezers Suffolk

Round 1

Prelim /Round 1 /Round 2 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top
Fallen Angels Cambs25Full of Wind S Yorks
Emaley W.M.C. W Yorks35The Eagles Norfolk
The Windmill Winkers52Wine Society Herts
Tudor Rejects Suffolk15Castle Z Sussex
Cue 3 Spots & Stripes45Conny Foxes Leics
Phoenix Flyers Notts35SSSHUBASSS Suffolk
Cambridge G.C.C. Cambs54Cutting Edge Essex
The Nags Head W Mids45Oast Lounge X Cambs
Braintrees Best Essex52Bears Renegades Sufflk
The Old Sun Cambs35Hartwell Con Club
Queen Charlotte 1-1-152Simons Angels Norfolk
Romney AA Kent53ACCY LADS Lancs
Townshend Trio Norfolk45Screwballs London
Bears MK Suffolk54Spot-On Select

Sat 8th December 10:30am

Cricketers Essex15Oast Lounge A Cambs
Golden Cue X W Mids35Raleigh Lions Essex
Dinemos Herts52Finger Blasters Sufflk
The Royal Oak Kent25Conny Club Reds Leics
Table 7 Notts52Windmill Wanderers
JPs A Essex15Uxbridge Prime Berks
Highlighters Surrey25Rileys Devils Nor
Been Tangod Cambs35Frames Reigate A
Moores Mavericks Leics50Shades MH2 Herts
Cowlinge Three Ways B15Midland Snooker D-E-L
The Dishtroyers W Mids54Heath House RGR Norflk
Three ways Suffolk25Victory Club Notts
Desperados Notts45Snooker ARP Norfolk
BSDPL Herts45Lotions 3 Beds
Plenty in the Tank15Oralle P&S Oxon
Triple Os Wiltshire54Fulbourn Flukes Cambs
The Fudge Factory45Dove from Above Too
Witney Snooker Club A25Fulbourne Institute
Kent SAS Kent513 Men & a Monkey
Ely Beet A Cambs15RBL Musclers Suffolk
Swinton WMC S Yorks54In the Zone Essex
Roundabout Lib Beds51Witney Snooker Oxon
Hammersmith Club Sands05Hockham Has Beens
The Grafton Beds15Racks Rejects Berks
The Numpties Notts51Monkey Band Cambs
Cabbagges Leics35Woadmans Cambs
Mr Pools PS Essex35Heath House A Norfolk
Queen Charlotte B45Spencers Sports Bar A
Romney B Kent50Shades MH Herts
Just The Tip Herts54William V Bar KH
The Fountain Hampshire45Rays Shotz Herts
Black Country Mondays53Cambs Underdogs Cambs

Sat 8th December 12pm

Lord Protector X Cambs35Levin Old Boys Kent
Cross Keys B Kent50Windmill Wonders
Dereham Hit & Cope54Folkstone Nomads Kent
Conny Club Aces Leics54The Ashbourne London
The Keymaster W Mids25Castle Arrys Sussex
Break & Douches Sussex25Bald Eagles Leics
Melton Snooker Club A25Unbelievable Jeff
The Cue Masters Surrey15Rileys Chorlton GMC
Institute A Staffs45Dove from Above Bucks
Beast Dorset53Jaxx Q Club Derbyshire
Dinnington Bashers SY52The Grapes A Lancs
The Maple Men Worcs51Cams Cueists Cambs
WJD Beds52Rocket Pockets Norfolk
Bogs Dollox London35Racks Masters Berks
The Royal Standard A35Levin Club CG Kent
Three Tun Suffolk35Romney A Kent
Bears United Suffolk15Liberal Leaf Beds
Warner Arms Lancs533 Blokes with a Cue

Round 2

Prelim /Round 1 /Round 2 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top
Full of Wind S Yorks25The Eagles Norfolk
The Windmill Winkers54Castle Z Sussex
Conny Foxes Leics52SSSHUBASSS Suffolk
Cambridge G.C.C. Cambs52Oast Lounge X Cambs
Braintrees Best Essex51Hartwell Con Club
Queen Charlotte 1-1-125Romney AA Kent
Screwballs London45Bears MK Suffolk
Oast Lounge A Cambs35Raleigh Lions Essex
Dinemos Herts45Conny Club Reds Leics
Table 7 Notts45Uxbridge Prime Berks
Rileys Devils Nor15Frames Reigate A
Moores Mavericks Leics45Midland Snooker D-E-L
The Dishtroyers W Mids53Victory Club Notts
Snooker ARP Norfolk51Lotions 3 Beds

Sat 8th December 1:30pm

Oralle P&S Oxon25Triple Os Wiltshire
Dove from Above Too15Fulbourne Institute
Kent SAS Kent15RBL Musclers Suffolk
Swinton WMC S Yorks51Roundabout Lib Beds
Hockham Has Beens53Racks Rejects Berks
The Numpties Notts53Woadmans Cambs
Heath House A Norfolk05Spencers Sports Bar A
Romney B Kent05Just The Tip Herts
Rays Shotz Herts51Black Country Mondays
Levin Old Boys Kent53Cross Keys B Kent
Dereham Hit & Cope52Conny Club Aces Leics
Castle Arrys Sussex50Bald Eagles Leics
Unbelievable Jeff25Rileys Chorlton GMC
Dove from Above Bucks51Beast Dorset
Dinnington Bashers SY50The Maple Men Worcs
WJD Beds25Racks Masters Berks
Levin Club CG Kent35Romney A Kent
Liberal Leaf Beds45Warner Arms Lancs

Last 32

Prelim /Round 1 /Round 2 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top

Sat 8th December 4:30pm

The Eagles Norfolk51The Windmill Winkers
Conny Foxes Leics54Cambridge G.C.C. Cambs
Braintrees Best Essex15Romney AA Kent
Bears MK Suffolk51Raleigh Lions Essex
Conny Club Reds Leics15Uxbridge Prime Berks
Frames Reigate A25Midland Snooker D-E-L
The Dishtroyers W Mids53Snooker ARP Norfolk
Triple Os Wiltshire53Fulbourne Institute
RBL Musclers Suffolk54Swinton WMC S Yorks
Hockham Has Beens53The Numpties Notts
Spencers Sports Bar A05Just The Tip Herts
Rays Shotz Herts51Levin Old Boys Kent
Dereham Hit & Cope53Castle Arrys Sussex
Rileys Chorlton GMC53Dove from Above Bucks
Dinnington Bashers SY52Racks Masters Berks
Romney A Kent52Warner Arms Lancs

Last 16

Prelim /Round 1 /Round 2 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top

Sat 8th December 6pm

The Eagles Norfolk52Conny Foxes Leics
Romney AA Kent50Bears MK Suffolk
Uxbridge Prime Berks35Midland Snooker D-E-L
The Dishtroyers W Mids15Triple Os Wiltshire
RBL Musclers Suffolk50Hockham Has Beens
Just The Tip Herts54Rays Shotz Herts
Dereham Hit & Cope35Rileys Chorlton GMC
Dinnington Bashers SY35Romney A Kent

Quarter Final

Prelim /Round 1 /Round 2 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top

Sun 9th December 9am

The Eagles Norfolk15Romney AA Kent
Midland Snooker D-E-L51Triple Os Wiltshire
RBL Musclers Suffolk53Just The Tip Herts
Rileys Chorlton GMC45Romney A Kent

Semi Final

Sun 9th December 10:30am

Romney AA Kent15Midland Snooker D-E-L
RBL Musclers Suffolk53Romney A Kent


Sun 9th December 12pm

Midland Snooker D-E-L52RBL Musclers Suffolk

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Image 1
2018 Golden Cue Winners
Midland Snooker D-E-L
Image 2
2018 Golden Cue Runners Up
RBL Musclers Suffolk
Image 3
2018 Golden Cue Semi Finalists
Romney AA Kent
Image 4
2018 Golden Cue Semi Finalists
Romney A Kent
Image 5
2018 Silver Cue Winners
William IV Bar KH
Image 6
2018 Silver Cue Runners Up
Hammersmith Club Sands
Image 7
2018 Silver Cue Semi Finalists
JPs A Essex
Image 8
2018 Silver Cue Semi Finalists
Spot-On Select Northants
Image 9
Golden Cue Singles Winner - Michael O'Boyle
Image 10
Golden Cue Singles Runner Up - Lewis Calcutt



As the event was moved to December because of the bad weather earlier in the year, it was due to a very generous offer from Vauxhall Holiday Park, we were able to run the event with less than half the normal number of teams.

In the Prelim Round Cambridge GCC just edged out the Cutting Edge from Essex 5-4, as did Bears United against Royal Standard Z, Boys on Tour were whitewashed by Dinnington Bashers, another whitwewash was Bogs Dollox (London) over Unwin S.C. A, Round One saw Tony Miller win the decider for Screwballs (London) from Townsend Trio (Norfolk) another decider was won by Matthew Townsend for Conny Foxes (Leics) against Cue 3 Spots & Stripes, Karl Broxton won the decider for Bears MK (Suffolk) over Spot-on Select, Simon Maslen was another who won a decider for Oast Lounge X (Cambs) against Andy Swatman The Nags Head (W. Mids)James Whitmore Liberal Leaf (Beds) beat Andy Matless (William IV Bar MK) for a 5-4 win, Greg Thompson Snooker ARP (Norfolk) won the decider against Dave Kitching Desperados (Notts), Carl Jones beat Robert Marshall to put The Dishtroyers through against Heath House RGR, Spencers Sports Bar A beat Queen Charlotte B thanks to John Martin winning the deciding frame, as did Ryan Vincent for Dove from Above Too against Ian Daniels from The Fudge Factory, Triple O's won 5-4 against Fulbourn Flukes, Rays Shotz won 5-4 over The Fountain thanks to Paul Wyatt defeating Daniel Wells, Just the Tip (Herts) beat William IV KH thanks to Perry Gillett winning the decider, Paul Sedman, and Darren Roberts won the last two frames for Dove from Above to beat Institute A, Nick Cope beat Dave Allsopp for Dereham Hit & Cope to go through against Folkstone Nomads, Oliver Wileman saw Conny Club Aces through when he won the decider against Derek Simpson from The Ashbourne,
In Heat Two, Luckvinder Birdy Uxbridge Prime beat Phil Marriott in the deciding frame, as did Andy Pond The Windmill Winkers against Paul McNeil Castle Z, Midland Snooker D-E-L had to win the final three framesto beat Moores Mavericks 5-4, in the last 32 Conny Foxes beat Cambridge G.C.C. 5-4, RBL Musclers beat Swinton WMC 5-4, the last 16 Midland Snooker beat Uxbridge Prime 5-3, Romney A (Kent) beat Dinnington Bashers 5-3, in a local Herts derby Ashley Sealy, and Perry Gillett won the last two frames for a 5-4 win over Rays Shotz, Triple O's (Wiltshire) beat The Dishtroyers 5-1, The Eagle (Norfolk) beat Conny Foxes 5-2, Riley's Chorlton won 5-3 against Dereham Hit & Cope, Romney AA whitewashed Bears MK 5-0, as did RBL Musclers against Hockham Has Beens.

In the Quarter Finals RBL Musclers beat Just the Tip 5-3, Romney AA had an easy 5-1 win against The Eagles, as did Midland Snooker over Triple O's, Romney A had to win the last three frames to beat Riley's Chorlton 5-4.

In the Semi's Midland Snooker blew away Romney AA 5-1, and Romney A also lost 5-3 to RBL Musclers, in the final Midland Snooker were too strong and won 5-2.


In the Silver Cue competition last 16 Hammersmith Club Sands won the final three frames to beat Folkstone Nomads 5-4, The Keymaster (West Mids) beat Witney Snooker Club A 5-1, Matthew Parson beat Jamie McDonald for Rays Touching Cloth to win 5-4 against Monkey Band, Earl Grey (S. Yorks) beat Phoenix Flyers (Notts) 5-1, JP's A (Essex) beat Plenty in the Tank 5-4, The Workies (Kent) beat Prince of Wales Elite 5-3, Spot on Select beat Emley WMC (W. Yorks) 5-1, and William IV KH beat The Fountain 5-2.

In the Quarter Finals Spot on Select saw off the Workies 5-2, as did JP's A against Rays Touching Cloth, Hammersmith Club Sands beat The Keymaster 5-3, as did William IV KH against Earl Grey.

The Semi Final, and William IV KH whitewashed Spot on Select, and Hammersmith beat JP's 5-2.

In the Final William IV KH had a comfortable 5-2 win to lift the trophy.


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