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Golden Cue - 2019

Silver Cue
Round 1
Round 1 /Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Sat 18th May 12pm
Conny Whirlwinds Leic52Poolkatz Somerset
MSC Baby Sharks Kent05Romney AA Kent
DSC Cavemen BedsSSNeptune G Kent
Crown Prosecutors Wark50Balls it Up Somerset
Absolute Sovereign50DT FC Northants
Old Sun A Cambs50Cippenham RBL Berks
Beast Dorset45Attleborough ARP
Racks Rejects Berks50Hamps Old Boys Hamps
Forum B Surrey52Bears Pool Geeks
Robin Hood Notts54The Ashbourne London
WWFC Shrops50Crompos Staffs
The Workies Kent50DSC Wanabees Beds
Cams Seniors Suffolk50Phoenix Flyers Notts
The Royal Standard A15The Magic Kent
ASC Lions Norfolk05Bar 8 Exiles Warwks
Bears JE Suffolk50Fudgey Dippers Norfolk
Sat 18th May 1:30pm
Outsiders Suffolk35Never Saw That Coming
Lanterns MY Kent05Fag Break Kent
MSC Tiger Sharks Kent05Bears U Suffolk
Plan B Angels Herts25Court A Cambs
Heath House Warriors50Heath House A Norfolk
Spot on Mavricks356 Balls & a Rack Kent
Spot on Rehab35Cambridge Underdogs
Rack em Up Suffolk05Rays Touching Cloth
The Grapes A Lancs54The Cricketers A Hamps
Triple Os Wiltshire05Norbridge Suffolk
Ex-Services Club Cambs05Golden Cue P & S WM
Prince Of Wales A51Rochdale Cowboys Lancs
Hazelwood 8 Ball Staff05The Eagles Norfolk
Table 7 NottsSSAllstars Mincers
Portland Old Boys05Warner Arms Lancs
HESMC Suffolk05Ole Frank Suffolk
Sat 18th May 3pm
The Linford C Leic05The 4 Amigos Leic
Good, Bad, Ugly Leic25Tudor Warriors Suffolk
USSR London25The Linford B Leic
Lamb B Bristol15Romney A Kent
Moanie Moaners NorfolkSSGB 8S Kent
MSC A Kent53Rays Shotz Herts
HeathHouse KS Norfolk05Cue & Brew A Worcs
Cabin End Lancs51Cue&Brew Ball Busters
Lanterns JP Kent35Bristol All Stars
Levin Old Boys Kent54The Old Sun Boys Cambs
Catchpole Amigos15Greyhound B Norfolk
Court XYZ Cambs05Shoulder of Mutton
The Everard Arms35Two Blokes & John
Fulbourne Longshots53Windmill Club Northant
RBLMacca Trackers50Three Ways Suffolk
Team Thurmaston Leic50Braintree Legends
Sat 18th May 4:30pm
The Tuns a Trio54Melton Snooker Club A
EPA Shop Showing Suppt05Mean Machine Norfolk
Gagging Maggots53Fallen Angels Cambs
Bulldogs Bandits Notts53AVC Kent
Kennys Sportsbar Staff54Racks Cottage Berks
Irish Club Northants25Conny Club Aces Leic
147 Sports Bar W Y51Castle Z Sussex
Two Blokes & A Limp52Tickle the Tip Herefrd
Winkers Qs Sussex52Jaxsons Three
Brockham Gators Surrey53Royal Standard Z
Tudor Rose Suffolk50Unwin Social Club A
Last 64
Round 1 /Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Sat 18th May 6pm
Conny Whirlwinds Leic05Romney AA Kent
Bye05Crown Prosecutors Wark
Absolute Sovereign52Old Sun A Cambs
Attleborough ARP54Racks Rejects Berks
Forum B Surrey52Robin Hood Notts
WWFC Shrops35The Workies Kent
Cams Seniors Suffolk25The Magic Kent
Bar 8 Exiles Warwks53Bears JE Suffolk
Never Saw That Coming54Fag Break Kent
Bears U Suffolk15Court A Cambs
Heath House Warriors456 Balls & a Rack Kent
Cambridge Underdogs54Rays Touching Cloth
The Grapes A Lancs53Norbridge Suffolk
Golden Cue P & S WM51Prince Of Wales A
The Eagles Norfolk50Bye
Warner Arms Lancs45Ole Frank Suffolk
Sat 18th May 7:30pm
The 4 Amigos Leic53Tudor Warriors Suffolk
The Linford B Leic25Romney A Kent
Bye05MSC A Kent
Cue & Brew A Worcs54Cabin End Lancs
Bristol All Stars50Levin Old Boys Kent
Greyhound B Norfolk35Shoulder of Mutton
Two Blokes & John52Fulbourne Longshots
RBLMacca Trackers15Team Thurmaston Leic
The Tuns a Trio25Mean Machine Norfolk
Gagging Maggots50Legends Zeds Essex
Bulldogs Bandits Notts25Kings Arms Bolton
Punch Warriors Suffolk15Kennys Sportsbar Staff
Conny Club Aces Leic50The Conny Leic
Nesss Groupies05147 Sports Bar W Y
Two Blokes & A Limp25Winkers Qs Sussex
Brockham Gators Surrey50Tudor Rose Suffolk
Last 32
Round 1 /Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Romney AA Kent53Crown Prosecutors Wark
Absolute Sovereign15Attleborough ARP
Forum B Surrey54The Workies Kent
The Magic Kent25Bar 8 Exiles Warwks
Never Saw That Coming25Court A Cambs
6 Balls & a Rack Kent35Cambridge Underdogs
The Grapes A Lancs25Golden Cue P & S WM
The Eagles Norfolk25Ole Frank Suffolk
The 4 Amigos Leic45Romney A Kent
MSC A Kent52Cue & Brew A Worcs
Bristol All Stars35Shoulder of Mutton
Two Blokes & John35Team Thurmaston Leic
Mean Machine Norfolk53Gagging Maggots
Kings Arms Bolton25Kennys Sportsbar Staff
Conny Club Aces Leic15147 Sports Bar W Y
Winkers Qs Sussex52Brockham Gators Surrey
Last 16
Round 1 /Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Sun 19th May 9am
Romney AA Kent52Attleborough ARP
Forum B Surrey53Bar 8 Exiles Warwks
Court A Cambs53Cambridge Underdogs
Golden Cue P & S WM52Ole Frank Suffolk
Romney A Kent45MSC A Kent
Shoulder of Mutton53Team Thurmaston Leic
Mean Machine Norfolk53Kennys Sportsbar Staff
147 Sports Bar W Y45Winkers Qs Sussex
Quarter Final
Round 1 /Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Sun 19th May 10:30am
Romney AA Kent53Forum B Surrey
Court A Cambs54Golden Cue P & S WM
MSC A Kent53Shoulder of Mutton
Mean Machine Norfolk51Winkers Qs Sussex
Semi Final
Sun 19th May 12pm
Romney AA Kent54Court A Cambs
MSC A Kent54Mean Machine Norfolk
Sun 19th May 1:30pm
Romney AA Kent51MSC A Kent
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Image 1
2019 Golden Cue Winners
3 Times a Mullaney
Image 2
2019 Golden Cue Runers Up
Unnecessary side Beds
Image 3
2019 Golden Cue Semi Finalists
Rileys ABC Worcs
Image 4
2019 Golden Cue Semi Finalists
Showmans Sports Bar Lincs
Image 5
2019 Silver Cue Winners
Romney AA Kent
Image 6
2019 Silver Cue Runners Up
MSC A Kent

Image 7
2019 Silver Cue Semi Finalists
Mean Machine Norfolk
Image 8
2019 Silver Cue Semi Finalists
Court A Cambs



We just made our 900 number to receive the full sponsorship money from Vauxhall holiday Park due to several teams not arriving. In the first round Chelmsford Legends and Rays Touching Cloth was decided by Simon Cook and Lee Sellick winning the final two frames for the Legends. Bourne Snooker A were 3-1 down against Cambridge Underdogs before they won four in a row to win 5-3. Court Pensioners also won 5-3 against Fudgey Dippers. G Welton, and T Goodhand won the final two frames for the Tudor Rose (Suffolk) against Phoenix Flyers (Notts) to win 5-4. Liam Bullock won the deciding frame for The Money Team (Derbys) against 6 Balls & A Rack (Kent). The Magic (Kent) also lost 5-4 when Joe Parker and Jason Ford won the final two frames for Spencers Sports Bar JP. The Linford A (Leics) beat Fallen Angels (Cambs) after winning the final three frames. 147 Sports Bar WY were 4-1 up before AMC Leisure (Sussex) won the last four to snatch a 5-4 win. Joe Slaughter won the final frame to help Poke & Hope (London) beat Slim Jims (Nhants); Weston Old Stars won the last three frames to beat Barny Army (Suffolk). Darren Hambling, and Dee Cannell won the last two frames to help Thetford Sports Social beat Hammersmith Old Boys. Richard Mann won the deciding frame for Plenty in the Tank to beat The Globe (Essex), and RAFA Y (Cambs) won the last three to pip The Three Stooges. Andy Jones Rileys ABC (Worcs) won the final frame to beat Run Like a Fish (Beds), Andy Twigger, Twiggers (Kent) took the last frame to beat Lamb C (Bristol), Lotions 4 (Beds) won the last three frames to beat William IV Bar KH, Stuart McPherson, and Simon Maslen won the last two frames for Xander (Cambs) to beat Bar 8 A. The Compasses (Essex) had to win the last three frames to overcome Bar 8 Z (Warks), Alex Lewis, and Paul Arnett won the final two frames to see off Windmill Wanderers, Olly Brooks won the decider for Sun Valley Phoenix against The Blokes from Stoke, Paul Sedman won the decider for The Boys in Q (Bucks) against The Compasses.

In the quarter finals D Nolan won the decider for Unnecessary Side (Beds) over AMC Leisure (Sussex), 3 Times a Mullaney beat Chelmsford Legends 5-2, Showmans Sports Bar beat the Boys in Q 5-3, and Rileys ABC beat Bentley Road Boys 248 5-1. In the semi's Unnecessary Side (Beds) beat Showmans sports Bar 5-3, and Peter Mullaney and Paul Arnett won the final two frames for 3 Times a Mullaney to beat Rileys ABC 5-4. and they went on to win the final 5-2.

In the Silver Cue last 16 Winkers Qs (Sussex) beat 147 Sports Bar WY 5-4, C Hinsley, and K Saunders won the final two frames for MSC A (Kent) to beat Romney A (Kent), Golden Cue P & S WM beat Ole Frank (Suffolk) 5-2, Shoulder of Mutton beat Team Thurmaston (Leics) 5-3, Forum B (Surrey) had a similar score over Bar 8 Exiles (Warks), Romney AA Kent beat Attleborough ARP 5-2, Court A (Cambs) beat Cambridge Underdogs 5-3, Mean Machine (Norfolk) beat Kennys Sportsbar (Staffs) 5-3.

In the quarter finals Mean Machine had a comfortable 5-1 win over Winkers Qs, MSC A beat Shoulder of Mutton 5-3, Romney AA also won 5-3 against Forum B, and John Roe won the deciding frame for Court A against Golden Cue P & S WM. In the semi finals Romney AA had to win the final three frames to beat Court A, and MSC A did likewise to beat Mean Machine.

The final with two Kent teams turned out to be an anti climax as Romney AA had an easy 5-1 victory.


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