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Ladies Interleague KO - 2014

Ladies Interleague Group Stage
Group 1 (14)
Fri 7th November 9am
Northants Saints86Beertrix Potters
Bedfordshire Ladies77London Fallen Angels
Pasties A104Notts Ladies B
Fri 7th November 11am
London Fallen Angels68Northants Saints
Notts Ladies B86Bedfordshire Ladies
Beertrix Potters311Pasties A
Fri 7th November 1pm
Northants Saints95Notts Ladies B
Bedfordshire Ladies68Pasties A
London Fallen Angels122Beertrix Potters
Fri 7th November 3pm
Pasties A59Northants Saints
Beertrix Potters59Bedfordshire Ladies
Notts Ladies B68London Fallen Angels
Fri 7th November 5pm
Northants Saints77Bedfordshire Ladies
London Fallen Angels68Pasties A
Notts Ladies B104Beertrix Potters
Group 2 (14)
Fri 7th November 9am
Warwickshire Ladies59Shrewsbury Ladies
Pasties B410Saarf Yorky Shots
Suffolk Ladies104G.M.C Bears
Fri 7th November 11am
Saarf Yorky Shots104Warwickshire Ladies
G.M.C Bears95Pasties B
Shrewsbury Ladies410Suffolk Ladies
Fri 7th November 1pm
Warwickshire Ladies410G.M.C Bears
Pasties B410Suffolk Ladies
Saarf Yorky Shots77Shrewsbury Ladies
Fri 7th November 3pm
Suffolk Ladies95Warwickshire Ladies
Shrewsbury Ladies77Pasties B
G.M.C Bears104Saarf Yorky Shots
Fri 7th November 5pm
Warwickshire Ladies59Pasties B
Saarf Yorky Shots59Suffolk Ladies
G.M.C Bears113Shrewsbury Ladies
Group 3 (14)
Fri 7th November 9am
Derbyshire Ladies68Pad I Am
Somerset Allstars95Hampshire Missfits
Norfolk Broads77Herefordshire Ladies
Fri 7th November 11am
Hampshire Missfits86Derbyshire Ladies
Herefordshire Ladies77Somerset Allstars
Pad I Am59Norfolk Broads
Fri 7th November 1pm
Derbyshire Ladies59Herefordshire Ladies
Somerset Allstars104Norfolk Broads
Hampshire Missfits77Pad I Am
Fri 7th November 3pm
Norfolk Broads59Derbyshire Ladies
Pad I Am311Somerset Allstars
Herefordshire Ladies59Hampshire Missfits
Fri 7th November 5pm
Derbyshire Ladies410Somerset Allstars
Hampshire Missfits113Norfolk Broads
Herefordshire Ladies86Pad I Am
Group 4 (14)
Fri 7th November 9am
Lincolnshire Ladies104Hertfordshire
Sussex Ladies95Cheshire Ladies
Cuepids311Staffordshire Ladies
Fri 7th November 11am
Cheshire Ladies68Lincolnshire Ladies
Staffordshire Ladies86Sussex Ladies
Fri 7th November 1pm
Lincolnshire Ladies68Staffordshire Ladies
Sussex Ladies95Cuepids
Cheshire Ladies77Hertfordshire
Fri 7th November 3pm
Cuepids410Lincolnshire Ladies
Hertfordshire212Sussex Ladies
Staffordshire Ladies59Cheshire Ladies
Fri 7th November 5pm
Lincolnshire Ladies86Sussex Ladies
Cheshire Ladies68Cuepids
Staffordshire Ladies122Hertfordshire
Group 5 (14)
Fri 7th November 9am
West Yorkshire Ladies410Notts Ladies A
Oxon Ladies104Berkshire Ladies
Darwin Dynamos77Ladys of the Court
Fri 7th November 11am
Berkshire Ladies410West Yorkshire Ladies
Ladys of the Court68Oxon Ladies
Notts Ladies A131Darwin Dynamos
Fri 7th November 1pm
West Yorkshire Ladies104Ladys of the Court
Oxon Ladies86Darwin Dynamos
Berkshire Ladies311Notts Ladies A
Fri 7th November 3pm
Darwin Dynamos86West Yorkshire Ladies
Notts Ladies A104Oxon Ladies
Ladys of the Court77Berkshire Ladies
Fri 7th November 5pm
West Yorkshire Ladies113Oxon Ladies
Berkshire Ladies77Darwin Dynamos
Ladys of the Court410Notts Ladies A
Group 6 (14)
Fri 7th November 9am
Saaf Yorky Puds113Bristol Ladies
Preston Piranhas77Surrey Ladies
Fri 7th November 11am
Bristol Ladies410Pilky Su's
Surrey Ladies212Saaf Yorky Puds
Fri 7th November 1pm
Pilky Su's59Surrey Ladies
Saaf Yorky Puds113Preston Piranhas
Fri 7th November 3pm
Preston Piranhas77Pilky Su's
Surrey Ladies104Bristol Ladies
Fri 7th November 5pm
Pilky Su's311Saaf Yorky Puds
Bristol Ladies104Preston Piranhas
Group 7 (14)
Fri 7th November 9am
Lancashire Hotpots113Godalming Misfits
Cambridgeshire Ladies77West Midlands Ladies
Fri 7th November 11am
Godalming Misfits68Leicester Ladies
West Midlands Ladies212Lancashire Hotpots
Fri 7th November 1pm
Leicester Ladies122West Midlands Ladies
Lancashire Hotpots86Cambridgeshire Ladies
Fri 7th November 3pm
Cambridgeshire Ladies59Leicester Ladies
West Midlands Ladies77Godalming Misfits
Fri 7th November 5pm
Leicester Ladies86Lancashire Hotpots
Godalming Misfits68Cambridgeshire Ladies
Group 8 (14)
Fri 7th November 9am
Medway Meercats104Gloucestershire Ladies
Foxy Ladies59Moody Cues
Fri 7th November 11am
Gloucestershire Ladies86Worcestershire Ladies
Moody Cues014Medway Meercats
Fri 7th November 1pm
Worcestershire Ladies77Moody Cues
Medway Meercats113Foxy Ladies
Fri 7th November 3pm
Foxy Ladies59Worcestershire Ladies
Moody Cues68Gloucestershire Ladies
Fri 7th November 5pm
Worcestershire Ladies311Medway Meercats
Gloucestershire Ladies68Foxy Ladies
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