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This section, not surprisingly, is the most visited section of the EPA web site - so we have rearranged these pages to make it easier for you to find your way around - and we've added some new pages about World Rules.

Since 1st January 1998, the EPA has adopted the playing rules of the World Eightball Pool Federation (hereafter referred to as "WORLD RULES") for use in all nationally organised events. Individual leagues are of course, still entitled to use any rules they wish to play. If your league wants to use World Rules they can do so. Similarly, if your league want to use rules such as the black to be played "wrong-handed" with both eyes shut, that too is OK (it might make the games go on a bit longer though!). All national competitions will, however, be played to World Rules.

We have a pdf download of the latest version of the World Rules issued in 2014 and adopted by the EPA in 2015. This contains all the latest standard rules of the WEPF. We also have a link to old version of World Rules which were used until 2014 and the Old EPA Rules for those leagues that still use them, or for reference.

We also have a pdf document Guidance to Refereees.

We also have some graphical explanations of the basics of the game. We have a very useful section on Snookers, with images produced by Steve Camp of Shropshire, describing the various snooker situations that can occur.

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